13 Year Old Picking Up Girls In M4!

13 Year Old Picking Up Girls In M4!

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okay guys so I just woke up it is 7: 00 a. m. I somehow managed to awaken I’m so tired right now okay so I was flying home from Minnesota and I didn’t end up getting back until like late afternoon and because I just had like a ton of lay overs I couldn’t really film an airport and it was just super hectic yesterday but I did manage to film in the evening I met up with a r Jack Daugherty I think that’s how you pronounce her name if it’s not that I’m really sorry about yeah so I met up with Jack we basically filmed yesterday evening but it was already like getting dark and we were filming and it was just it was super hectic yesterday I didn’t want to just like Russian upload out because I had to because I have to go up to LA I have a meeting up there and so yeah I’m just kind of rushing to edit go to LA to the meeting and then film for today’s vlog so it’s like really hectic but basically I have these clips from yesterday Jack was filming flips for kids for his channel and I was gonna film tricks for kids in these clips that you’re going to see I broke my scooter within the first five minutes and I’ve had this scooter for two years finally broke like I don’t know how it hasn’t broken before but like though it’s funny because I literally did a flat trick and it broke Jack did like a gold digger prank and it pretty much ended up him just doing random pickup lines out it was funny so yeah you guys watch this I will catch you guys in like two seconds sund’ys tricks for kicks okay Wow Wow Oh Oh all right remember whatever that means oh wow really I swear no dude he still had to see Possible’s oh okay fully clothed how does that just happen and when I have sub tape record so Chris is like dangerous yeah that’s like yeah dude Jack what am i doing bro so look we just film flips for kids for your video this is Jack I just met him and he’s about to do a gold digger like what should we do we’re going to take my car and I’m just going to pop him in the front seat and we’re going to see how many ticks he can pick up I don’t know what she says dude what should we do okay we might just have him literally sit like over there in that little area and just wait for a girl to come by and you work your magic I mean you’re the lady killer you’ve been getting girls all day are you vlogging are you vlogging about oh yeah yeah yeah I rushed up and Jack’s gonna get in the driver’s seat here you want to say the key bro so yes the C might be a little bit small but that’s okay so put your foot on the brake that one yeah and then press that button whoo you look good okay so watch give it like a little bit of Gasper all right Jack how oh dear uh 13i so I’m trusting him I’m just going to go run a few errands I feel like we’re gonna find some gold diggers and we’re going to expose them are you a gold digger Michael hey baby here in my mansion Beverly Hills um I own about ignore the materialistic things materialistic things uh I heard a homey small black pipe it would be my mana happen here I Jack you do your thing bro I’ll be right here watch it look at us what you can’t even see his head you can barely see your head jack look at that like my car and going that well guys um let me step my game I know a good I brush this less singing a blinker all right we’re good we’re not turning so it’s bamboo you want to go walk in a wild sack and if it’s funny cheesy pickup lines and cute and flattering yeah it’s perfect hey um you’re kind of cute this is your car uh yeah oh I’m gonna eat you why everybody you know how much shirt is made of boyfriend material yeah I let him have it how many girls have you gone to verse 34 off camera before yeah yeah this is this is VIP I just said are you a band aid because I scream I see Pauly ah he event thank you are you abandon are you abandoned because I shake my knee falling for you hi Sameer are you a band aid I mean do you have a band aid when I scream I need falling for you baby I got a band aid really people take pictures Jose I’m a lot bigger Colonel start to notice me I’ll call them gold diggers that’s for my new song that can be releasing out here we go hey do you work at Starbucks because I like you a latte um I’m not a photograph but I can picture me and you together bring a crowd hi jack it’s day six down here how’s it going um everything with cotton walk yeah I think I think what happened was my battery died yeah when you got all the girls right but then it came back to life hey you plays ending oh you abandoned Jack it’s not the right things oh I don’t think anyone’s ad and A’s can I just think I just literally upload a video of you doing pick up line yes are you a magician because whenever I look at you everyone else dispute I think you said that once okay guys well I mean I don’t think we failed yeah we definitely didn’t focus Jack pretty much read off every pick up line on the Internet only Ugly Kid one so yeah okay I’m going to leave this channel in the description let me know if we should actually do like a real gold digger print because we didn’t have that much time but it was so funny I’m just literally gonna be a compilation of Jack sticking up dizzy I mean you kind of take the pros they didn’t really come to the car but you talked to them yeah they look but at least they looked like people I know exactly like a tablet but she was really taken Jesus for 15 minutes the entire time like that I was like oh my god check out Jack I’m going to leave all of his links to some of your descriptions and links so yeah that’s pretty much like what happened yesterday evening hopefully that filled out this vlog pretty much because I can’t like I’m literally just in the backyard walking around there’s a jacuzzi but it’s like a hundred degrees out so I’m not about to go in the jacuzzi anyway I wanted to take this little time that I have where I’m not filming full vlog to kind of give you guys an update I think since I’m like doing daily uploads now as best as I can I think I’m going to change my upload time because I’ve literally been uploading at 2: 00 p. m. since I started and I feel like it’s time to time to change so let me know like where so like guys comment below where you guys live and like I want to just see where the majority of the comments are so I can kind of go from there and figure out a new time to upload everyday so yeah that and I had one more thing I don’t remember but there was something about scootering I want to scoot her more I don’t know maybe that if you guys want to see me scooter more then thumbs up but yeah guys I’m gonna go finish editing the video I know this was kind of short but but yeah I just wanted to at least upload because I don’t want to leave a day out so yeah we’ll see you guys tomorrow I’m going to LA I’ll see you I love you goodbye..

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