Chinese Girls React To Black Guy’s Pick Up Lines

Chinese Girls React To Black Guy’S Pick Up Lines

Picking up College Chinese Girls-Asian Vs Black Guy


what’s up everybody where is the girl and baby aliens one of my eye my eye or the mile today I would definitely bill and today we are trying to pick up Chinese girls and I’m gonna use Chinese and I’m gonna touch on your girls is what I used on Chinese girls let’s see what happened who’s gonna get more contact see you miss me excuse me do you speak English please speak any English okay I’m a little lost I’m looking for directions yeah do you speak English okay I’m lost I’m trying to find directions Matt I’m trying to find I’m trying to find the clock tower yeah there’s a big oh that way okay yeah you know in case I get lost do you mind if I get your number so I can call you if I need help yeah okay wait what’s your number oh um one more boot I win in this on Queen showing one more I can meet me Naomi why Perpignan me the monkey man I am Maya okay man mrs. Chang ji Gopinath hi click what’s on duty when ki jagah wish in our home okay the outturn summarizes the bouquet hey do you speak any English at all a little I’m lost I’m looking for directions which ways to the clock tower there’s a big clock oh it’s right there okay cool in case I get lost can you give me your phone number so I can call you if I get lost okay cool awesome awesome if you want to just write your phone number down like yeah you can just write your phone number thank you come on your curse is I know I am the consolidation wha ya know William Wetmore a little monkey ja how am I to see a whole woman Ichi who son well done I wasn’t bored I don’t know but it okay bunny yeah Jim wanted a new one cream I just want y’all it goes to joining each iteration hey hey don’t we sing huh yeah excuse me excuse me real quick do you speak any English do you speak any English at all do you speak English you speak English I’m trying to get like directions to the clock tower you know the building with a big clock do you know how to get there this way okay actually I don’t live in mind I don’t really want to go there anymore I like I want more I want your numbers now like I’m more interesting getting your phone number so we can get dinner sometime okay like much do you mind if I get your number I think you’re really really pretty and attractive both of you guys yeah can I like you know get your number so we can get like dinner or like dinner or lunch sometime okay awesome awesome you can type it in right there it can be like a double date like both of you guys are really pretty but you both can come awesome Cheers thank you hey how are you sir nice education colleges and well I Yahoo is for June where I am why I know who you were but I quit what woman Yahoo your egos wasn’t just we sang it is Tracy to see who shall trade is it do it do it so it will keep doing it the reason home we see woman oh she’s an engineer at home waiting this is dick I see Amanda oh sorry okay what it means that you see Maya I am Maya Maya damn crazy oh yeah incarceration Verna sit here Oh sissy huh see ya sorry excuse me real quick do you speak any English no English okay I’ll make it very very easy really really quick you’re very very beautiful can I get your number so we can get dinner sometime you’re very very pretty you’re very very beautiful like I get your number so we can like get dinner you know like and hang out sometime do you mind putting a number down there yeah like you’re really really beautiful and like and I just want to I don’t have that do you know what your number is do you know what your number is like I don’t have that app hey Neha boo how is Neha an emergency its artificial ma I am Maya don’t be an icy nelida Noguchi don’t be a mushy hi c bushy booshy I weekly Java for you my juicy woman why born watching this video in the link below all right just watch thank you thank you..

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  1. Experiment is flawed. Mr Ghana is straight going in direct saying he is interested. The Asian guy is using a cheesy low risk approach that will get fake numbers and no responses from girls. BUT later on he came in direct yet still zero connection without speaking Chinese. If Mr Ghana spoke English though 90% of those girls would just keep walking


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