Excuse Me – How To Talk To Anyone | How To Start A Conversation With Anyone

Excuse Me – How To Talk To Anyone | How To Start A Conversation With Anyone

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Imagine if you could approach and talk to anyone you’d like. How would you feel if you could approach a girl you see without breaking a sweat? I think you’d feel amazing, confident and free. You could actually live life to the fullest. If you want something you go out and get it.

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So if there are awesome benefits of being able to talk to anyone, then what’s the problem? Why is it so hard to start a conversation with someone? Well It feels awkward approaching a stranger to say, “Hi”. We’ve been taught to never talk to strangers so it’s unusual for your brain to say Hi out of the blue to someone you don’t know. Your brain gets alerted, and it starts to overthink the situation. So quickly a series of questions pop in your head… What if they don’t say Hi back to you, what if they think that you are weird and ignore you. I’ve been in a battle like this with my brain before and trust me it’s very hard to talk to someone once your brain gets alerted. Your brain is very sneaky, it will find a thousand excuses to convince you that this is awkward and no one does it. So how do we fix this? Fortunately I’ve encountered a simple word trick that helped me to overcome this limit in my life.

It’s simple. If you change the “hi” to “excuse me,” suddenly it will feel a lot easier to start and continue a conversation. Why? “Excuse me” literally gives you a non existent excuse to start a conversation. The phrase makes you FEEL like you have a reason to talk even when you don’t.

“Hi” does not. By using “excuse me” rather than “hi,” you’ll get out of your comfort zone faster and talk to more people. If you try to approach a girl you see on the street or at the mall. Saying a simple “Excuse me” can alleviate the pressure and make the conversation feel more natural. It’s a simple word trick that works wonders. A simple shift in words, that’ll set you on the path to meet more people and live your live to the fullest. If you liked the video share it with a friend you think will find it interesting.

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  1. omg this is brilliant, such a small ,nifty and that too practical tip! Thanks so much, im going to try doing this more.


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