Girl Picking Up Girls

Girl Picking Up Girls


Girl Picking Up Girls / Andrea picking up on some cute girls 🙂

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oh damn girl you’re looking real fun hi my name is Andrea hi nice to meet you yeah yeah it’s pretty thank you I like your outfit it’s gorgeous could I possibly get your number yes it’s like go out sometime I’m not perfect are you saying you don’t like maybe die well can I get it and then try maybe could I possibly get your number like a date shirt okay I’m open what is it 36 so nice to meet you okay I’ll call you go into my car and actually don’t go that way you don’t oh but I mean I respect it everyone is they do but hi hi I’m Andrea I was thinking if I could maybe get your number go out sometime I got it yeah what’s your number six five Oh I’ll text you or something okay sounds good I’m kind of curious if I could maybe get you a number to go out sometime yeah sure like a movie date oh I don’t I mean we can like go out but I don’t know like go out like friends nice good friend zone maybe I could get your number like go out since I’m on that good solid yeah yeah so do you have a phone yeah I do hi giggling hi oh hi hi my name’s Andrea Sonia hi nice to meet you um I just saw you walking out now I think you’re really pretty you’re walking I was wondering if maybe I could get your number if you want to go out sometime I’m sorry guys oh yeah sorry have you tried maybe no I’m I have a boyfriend okay yeah I’m sorry about that though it’s okay yeah yeah you’re really gorgeous thank you maybe I could get your number like go out sometimes like a date thing yeah I don’t really know you would you want me to go out with me sometime like on a date not really into that but I would go I could make you into that really how about I’ll just get your number and then okay we’ll go out and then we can you know we’ll see how how the night goes so do you recommend to get your number it’s really pretty and I like your hair yeah good movie or something oh I don’t know I like that could I have your number anyways maybe yeah like see yeah sure okay let’s get your number sure I mean I’m sure why not hi my name is Andrea I meet you Oh gonna ask you guys if you would be down to have sex with me I definitely have sex with you hold on I’m on the mob can I call you back I better not be getting robbed right..

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