How Airpod Users Pickup Girls

How Airpod Users Pickup Girls

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oh you late for a class no you’re not I got air paws on what what did she not see the air pod next eyes on in the booth at the gate outside when they pulled up they give me those okay oh you’re late yeah all right well I just want your number that doesn’t mean anything I know numbers a number I don’t know why you telling me your boyfriend I got a goldfish since we’re just talking about it No such a said excuse me what’s your name I’m Julian it’s nice to meet you I just thought you were pretty thank you and I figured since I have earpods I think I should have your number I think I’m deserving of your number I mean dude you got a boyfriend that’s cool me I can work around him just cuz there’s a goalie doesn’t mean I can’t score well excuse me hair loss Sequoyah that’s a unique name hey I like your fish that’s our how about to say you remind me of five letters of the alphabet well then can I get my line now shit I got air paws on you gotta I can I can get away with corny pick up line you are a cutie yes you are it let me get your number or something you got a hole man you don’t want to hold another man okay does your man have air pods hold on mom stop hold on mom mom shut up come on are you serious five years you can have one more look I’m pretty sure he won’t he won’t you would excuse me Jennifer and Jennifer were you going wash up Doug no real quiz you fine as hell thank you I need them I mean it no I mean I can give you my snapchat and you can work your way my name is Julien I’m a sophomore now you know me okay where are you from I’m oh shit really okay no number yeah no I got earpods okay okay I’m like that I don’t get rejected when I want to have these in I don’t get rejected like like dog I take them out see I took my earplugs out I just took my air paws off okay that’s basically like getting on with me all right Betsy cool all right okay okay we need the four to the islands and get you go no sprit hold on oh shit how do you stop this shit what’s your name no let me get your number real quick cute all right hold on Arisa damn you got your freshman huh yeah you got the GPS on good luck with that i’ma text you okay so on mmm I’m here pods so uh okay you can uh you can just put your number right here my number yeah so I can call you you can call me take you on a date and maybe be you some earplugs yeah you got a boyfriend yeah I don’t really want no friends no I’m listen to that song right now what’s your name Mariana my name is juju but a real name Julian but you can just pop you or you can call me tonight um no actually what you do what what what’s the excuse come on oh really damn I got air pause there no I got you can’t deny a guy with your applause yeah if I’m too fancy oh girl you can have it you’ll have two men now it’s 2019 I don’t know if you’ve heard about that neither my only friends you break them on alright right now mom mom look I know what I’m doing down yeah so mom damn I’m gonna get her number just what is your name Jessica Jessica oh my god you’re beautiful does it go where are you going right now chick fil a is actually right there are you a freshman oh that’s crazy I heard UCF is lit oh really well I’m from Ohio well yeah I just moved out here to here really wait whoa you’re here damn where were you from I was just in Jamaica like a month ago but my uncle yeah we was partying you know we was clubbing had some little hookers did it you know we was on a yacht my grandma came and she kind of fuck shit but you know it is you know more money more problem I wanted to see if I can get your number or something you know I got earplugs I’m gonna use some that I don’t use snapchat all right well what about give us a girl yeah I’m a fall you Instagram yeah number good I mean if you want to call it that I guess I mean yeah yeah yeah we’re friends yeah of course I’m Julia yeah Gabby yeah nice to meet you Debbie I probably forgot I deleted my Instagram I completely forgot that today what is going on oh I ..

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