How Is Picking Up Girls On The Streets Of London Different From In New York City?

For one thing, if you break their hearts, in London you had to look to the right before crossing the street, to make sure they weren’t trying you run you over.

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In NYC, look to the left!!

Seriously… a lot of Brits get hurt/killed in the US because they’re looking in the wrong direction before crossing the street.

Other than that, NYC and London are both multi-cultural metropolitan centers, so you might actually run into (and have an easier time picking up) ex-pats from London (and its suburbs -> the rest of England, Wales, and Scotland).

Treat women with respect when on the prowl and cultural differences between the US and UK shouldn’t come into play too much: Be yourself, be interesting, be interested, and explore.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Pick Up Girls.

Girl Stands On London Street For 1 Hour!

I asked my friend Eva to stand on the side of the street for only 1 hour and captured people’s reactions. We had many more reactions that I couldn’t include in the video.

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  1. Welcome to animal planet
    Watch how the female flaunts her assets
    And as a result, the males flock because they believe it is her mating call.

  2. Listen kiddos, it’s totally fine to be attracted to someone for their looks.
    What’s not okay is making them feel uncomfortable because you can’t fuckin control yourself.
    Learn some common sense and respect.
    Thanks y’all, I hope you learned something!

  3. Dude: that’s a nice but, can I touch it

    Me: (pulls tiny Bible and holy water out of pocket)

    Me: (throws holy water on him and starts reading the bible) TwT

  4. This woman needs to learn to stand up for herself and that’s it’s not ok to be sexually harassed by random strangers.


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