How To Pick Up Girls At Night? Infield Video

How To Pick Up Girls At Night? Infield Video

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How to pick up girls at night? Infield video

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Iain Myles is an executive dating coach of Kamalifestyles. He’s highly experienced in live training of our clients on streets, in bars and clubs. Iain teaches the core principles of the approach that every guy needs to know to become successful in dating.

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hi guys it’s in here and today I’m going to be showing you some infill footage of me cold approaching a random girl right outside some clubs now guys don’t forget to check out common lifestyles comm for our dating services as we have various training programs to get you more success in your dating life now if you’d like to reach out to me directly then you can always send me an email on Ian at common lifestyle comm and I can guide you through to a program that fits your needs and your experience level but anyway I’ve talked enough so let’s watch the footage excuse me kind of Swedish by the way yeah you look kind of Swedish like moose or I’ve never been to polar must be so cold now but polar must have like loads of snow I’m from here like I live here like alifair like I work here okay yeah so I use researcher are you how long you are you on holiday no hail affair okay do you like it complicated story yeah decide what where were you where were you going were you going to like a club no I only played one guy quit wasting my time so I can focus on you waste wasting your time I work like during the week I work down the road another field got some drama mom I just like wasting my time goodbye okay and then come on yeah Ian listen to me here every party so you just need to are you out okay yeah it’s are you like a lawyer okay and they get set yeah well it’ll happen are you so do you do like were you in sec birthday boy did you have like an argument with the people there maybe he’s immature young silly I was basically like oh no this guy came to my place and she was like I miss you ematic oh yeah was silent for two weeks I was like three and with great time five I know things happen and after he came pushing me to meet with him today my house gave me jack Adam back jacket maybe later actually no I have a I wish careful I can make this that’s weird 37 all right this is young and your heart I’m 50 thank you no I’m how do you think I am guess I think younger than you younger than you actually have a super tired yo you you’re like 18 Thanks how do you I don’t think I mean I don’t maybe if you want you can join me for tea house white folks how bad I haven’t been at this place yeah of course I’ve been there yeah yeah what do you like what do you do your spare time where do you live anything Knightsbridge do you ow sugar mama I’m Jack you know my ex younger they need for your standard then you not nice but no hits producer the I guess you just got you go good genes you know I looked they terrible because I don’t sleep yeah you know you don’t look like you ain’t you don’t age I don’t have time to worry if times eight I actually agree you know like cuz I work all the time like I’m a bit of a workaholic people already it’s on your goods leave my number and keys ready just ignore it you know yeah I don’t don’t like put your mind on something good are you you like are you good answer it depends in which I went back to all right so so I see you so what do you do any like but you don’t have kids in the family of six out of six kids what you love me you know you don’t think I’m capable you know so you’re the best but no it’s all about yeah no kidding okay I studied physics at University and and I decided like I didn’t want to be a physicist because it was okay no I’m so for my brain so fucked up and it was too difficult you know it was so difficult so I decided to do something yeah and I just it’s better I like to I like to hang around with people because physics is very like isolated you know you like alone and I didn’t want to be like in a closed space you know like I love okay so what’s the main takeaway from this interaction now guys the main lesson here is to be persistent and to just never give up even if it’s right at the beginning of the interaction okay so what do I mean by this well see how when I approach the girl she saw big nose me or so it seems as she’s dealing with some drama with a guy that was supposed to meet her now see how cool I act I’m completely unfazed and cool with the reaction I wait for her to finish now guys this is exactly how you should be doing it too as you’ll be in situations where the girl might just ignore you at the beginning so don’t be too affected by this and just hang in there now in fact you can never predict what will happen when you approach girls and especially when you approach club girls where there’s likely to be much more drama so only focus on what you can control which is your ability to persist and persevere and guys never give up as you’re always seconds away from success now you’d be amazed by how many girls the average guy loses in his night out simply because he’s not understanding enough and just not confident enough to hang in there for that jackpot anyway I hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned to karma TV as I’m gonna be releasing many many more info videos like this now I am miles and I’ll see you next time ..

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  1. wrong… he only approaches the needy girls who wants to find a way stay longer in london…. all of videos from this guy are about approaching needy poor girls of Eastern Europe…. haha

  2. Hi guys it’s Iain here and today I’m going to be showing you some infield footage of me cold approaching a random girl right outside some clubs. Guys don’t forget to check out for our dating services as we have various training programmes to get you more success in your dating life ! If you’d like to reach out to me directly then you can always send me an email on and I can guide you to a programme that fits your needs and experience level.

  3. He’s approach is good..What I don’t like about it is that he doesn’t post videos when being rejected and we all know that no matter how good your game is,you’r going to get rejected a lot before you score.


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