How To Pick Up Girls In Venice Beach!

How To Pick Up Girls In Venice Beach!

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what’s up villains thanks for coming back to watch another video I just want to say thank you for the Russian hitman feedback on my last video thank you for all your support and I’ve been getting a lot of requests a lot of requests Vitaly what you do do is how to pick up girls like back in the day back in the day that was 5 years ago so you know what I decided to go to Venice Beach California today and see how many numbers I can get also my boy Jesse from prank vs. prank lives there and haven’t seen him in ages let’s give him a call yeah yeah my boy wow you actually answered huh I haven’t seen you in a while I’m headed to Venice Beach are you coming tomorrow I’m coming to your hood and I am going to fill my old school video how to pick up girls in Venice Beach a lot of people been asking me I haven’t done it in five years so I’m gonna go ahead and do it you know what I’m challenging you get them all day you can get phone numbers but I want to see how many you can get in one hour in one hour one hour son I think I can get in one hour I think and get ten numbers or maybe me know what yeah way all right deal deal deal ten numbers in one hour I’ll see you then it’s peace you got a spider in here oh yeah that’s right there right here I have to tell you something they called me they called me they call me gay they called me fake they called me cancer what do I do about that why just say fuck it you know what they say right the bigger the oh the bigger the hoe so be careful the bigger the oh the bigger the hole oh I’m kidding hi my name is Nutella I’m sorry if I’m interrupting your day gonna attend with you guys yeah what my clothes you want to see me naked really I got a small cock but I’ll do why you so quiet what are you drinking over there what’s up with you are you no are you guys that chocolate melting your caramel do chuckles melting what’s up with me I don’t know you tell me something we’re banging tonight or what yeah no I’m not America don’t disrespect me every only rushon yeah I’m on your side of the world you got a spider on you it’s behind your back Mike I’m out Thanks how are you what’s your name huh Maddy Maddy Vitaliy yeah how are you sir I’m not gonna steal it what’s inside dildos and condoms I’m because I’m into freaky shit yeah yeah I’m a magician I want to show you a trick magic trick you ready okay so put your number in my phone all right thanks that was easy bye I made a new sex position it’s not 69 it’s 109 you did really yeah we should do it tonight but long story short I want to hang out with you guys tonight I want to take all three of you out with my friends and have a good time you guys want to give me a number don’t worry I won’t rape just a surprise sex there’s there’s there’s a big difference there put your number what do you want me to reassure that I’m gonna eat your booty it’s okay I wanna do it it’s so gay Instagram really can’t even give me your number this is what happens these days right you scared that I’m on at ecstasy like old over again you know what I’m gonna make you gel it’s gonna have your number yeah yeah in my basement you got pretty eyes gonna suck on them you’re gonna second my eye yeah it was good yeah what’s the make out with you we should go back to your apartment or something really sorry I slid into DM but not really slipped through the grass what are you reading I just have sex 101 are you from me too Catherine can we get photos kid I see calculus of would Katja vitaly so do you speak English yeah some bit of I’m a little bit of retard and I don’t know what to do I don’t have any friends and they told me if I don’t pick up a girl today I’m gonna get beheaded and I I did not want to get beheaded I’m just basically saying on a fox but yeah yeah we’ll forget your name seven one six three four huh so yeah are you not collecting change what are you doing won’t break can I have your banana can we eat together why you still wearing white so closed off you think I’m just coming here to pick you up and get your number and stuff about me actually I’m doing that but while you’re still not outgoing and being lovely and being nice I’m bothering you because we’re eating really ok I’ll leave you alone can I be number why not I’m not cute enough BAM all right well wine really is not you just DTF really yeah what’s wrong with you yeah yeah you just like you don’t get enough cock in your life I get cock like pretty often really yeah interesting so yeah very so my god this water is full are you good at doing laundry can you I ran right where you from check I was just in Prague yeah do you mean any beautiful girls and not about you but uh what’s your name you’re so pretty that I forgot the name but are you sure you’re not cold I actually do have a big penis yeah for me to know for you to find out this is crazy I actually came to pick up girls but I don’t think I’m just gonna cut it right here yeah we’re just cut it right here no but I’m gonna take you it with me yeah all right let’s go so you want to fuck alright you fam kid you got to prove it to me only if you kiss me pop kiss oh so you’re already down to fuck alright let’s go these boys we’re cutting this video short did you know her filming she’s like this is my friend Maddy yeah fuck I got so excited I’m like alright that was easy you know it’s normal for girls to be like there’s girls like that are you fucking gone the year what happened work week I met up with Matty in Venice another gilmore friend Batali’s picking up chicks on the boardwalk you should just go over to Abby Superbowl they’re like really buff no I got four numbers in an hour I love a challenge now I gotta go gonna get your number are you so beautiful and so nice my heart hurts here yeah yeah yeah without Russian but other Varia I go to school I get straight A’s I got a degree in surgery in the science and I’m an astronaut austria surgeon you know when you check vagina Julia and then I lost the bet so I have to go skinny dipping alright guys thank you so much for watching this video please give it a big thumbs up Jessi came out he pranked me he did it good I thought your boys getting laid but he didn’t anyways let me know if you want more content like this I’ll see you later Danya ..

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