How To Pick Up Girls – Part 1

How To Pick Up Girls – Part 1

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How to pick up girls – PART 1

Iain Myles is an executive dating coach of Kamalifestyles. He’s highly experienced in live training of our clients on streets, in bars and clubs. Iain teaches the core principles of the approach that every guy needs to know to become successful in dating.

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Now, for a lot of guys, approaching a girl for the first time, can be challenging at times. It takes courage and determination to say a single word to a girl, and especially if you feel something for her. Men are very predictable, when they’re around women. They make it obvious that they are attracted, and they’ll always show it, though will not have courage to do it in talking. Guys! In this video, I will be teaching and showing you the ways of handling pick-up lines, and how to behave while around her. You will also learn of a few ways on how to pick up girls, and sweep them right off their feet! Guys, it’s gonna be fun! Lets watch it!

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hi guys now for a lot of guys approaching a girl for the first time can be challenging at times it takes courage and determination to say a single word to a girl and especially if you feel something for her now men are very predictable when they’re around women they make it obvious that they’re attractive and they’ll always show it though will not have the courage to do it in talking guys in this video I will be teaching and showing you the ways of handling pickup lines and how to behave while around her now you also learn a few ways on how to pick up girls and sweep them right off their feet guys it’s going to be fun let’s watch it this come on come on to pail or if you if someone gave you like ten million pounds just got holiday but wouldn’t you wouldn’t you get bored of just going on holiday like all the time yeah so then no guys see how I challenged the girl about her dreams I asked her what she would do if she had all the money in the world and she mentioned that she would just go on holiday guys the point here is that don’t always agree with what the girl says now so many guys just agree with the girl only because they want to please her and this sacrifice is their own identity so guys express your own opinions openly challenge the girl girls love a man who’s not afraid to express himself and who can take control now if a guy can control or lead the conversation then the lady knows that we can lead in the bedroom which is highly attractive now at the end of this exchange the girl immediately asks me what am i up to now this is a big indicator of interest so guys remember to use this when you’re trying to pick up a girl yeah oh yeah do you have yeah you too but anyway yeah that’s me yeah and I’ll see you soon yeah all right you too bye bye bye guys practice now the first step to knowing how to pick up girls is to practice talking to them you can start by approaching girls you want specifically interested to talk to them randomly as well as at select times just to see how they respond now broaden your options consider streets market cafes and other places girls go to after talking to three or four women you’ll notice a trend that women love to be sweet talk to and respected once you flirt with this it will then be a bit easier with her now it won’t be a wise idea for you to ask her out because she’s yet to give you her attention and you need to build trust and create a connection with her openers have your conversation openers ready you don’t want to turn up in front of her without an opener so it’s important to prepare it and practice your lines from here on it’s easy to build a conversation as most of the time the conversation will shift into place where you can continue the interaction so guys don’t forget keep your compliments subtle as too many compliments will make her think that you’re being too nice and nice guys traits don’t work so avoid it at any cost confidence the most important factor when talking to a lady is having confidence women love confident men as they’re sure of what they want I will go for it now once you’ve gained confidence on approaching without creating an alarm you can then move to the next and most important step which is talking to her so guys man up and talk to her instantly don’t forget guys there is no perfect moment now always remember to keep calm be yourself and look at her in the eyes when you express your feelings for her and stop fidgeting make sure your body language Telegraph’s our confidence and no anxiety now most ladies will give you a know as the answer at the beginning they will look like they don’t want it but it could actually mean yes this means you have to be assertive yet soft while talking to her and give her a reason to be with you now this is all necessary purely because of social programming as they don’t want to look like an easy girl guys I also recommend to work on your body language and perfect it humans also important and make sure you don’t look too serious as you don’t want to make it feel like she’s a call prosecutor now always lead and be dominant and assertive pay attention to attraction size as well as the central science and challenger guys stay tuned for more free videos on exploring the unexplored in dating now for our dating services head on over to karma lifestyles calm and don’t forget to Like share and subscribe to karma TV I’m Ian miles see you next time Oh..

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  1. Can you do this with a short guy please? It would be a great way to prove to all of us short men that short men can attract and pick up women in public settings despite their obvious disadvantage in the height department. Perhaps, he will be able to attract her with his confidence, humour or intelligence?

  2. Also, any tips for people with ADHD and Aspergers? We can be easily distracted, find it hard to stay still and can have difficulties with approach anxiety and overall confidence. What would your advice be for somebody with ADHD and Aspergers?

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