How To Pickup Girl On Street & Make Her Your Girlfriend With Skill & Technique Raw Unedited Infield

How To Pickup Girl On Street & Make Her Your Girlfriend With Skill & Technique Raw Unedited Infield

The Valentines Day is upon us and many of my viewers has asked me to make a video with regards to how they can start meaningful, fulfilling relationship with a girl who they spoke to on the street, then inviting her on Day 2, using skill and technique to make the Date more enjoyable and fun without coming off needy, logical and Mr.Nice Guy

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From this Video you can learn the following things

1. How to behave on a date in a manner which is playful and confident

2. Being social in the venue with other girls to exhibit traits which women finds attractive. Social proof and DHV

3. Using conversational threads to avoid awkward brain freeze and keeping the interaction stimulating and enticing so she can feel comfortable around you and open up to you

4. The Art of storytelling and creating deep comfort and rapport

5. How to smoothly kino escalate while she is sitting right next to you and making her comfortable with your touch

6. Bouncing her to venues which are seductive and she starts to feel certain emotions around you

7. Going in for the kiss and pumping her emotional state

8. How to communicate in a way which exhibits depth, congruency and no f*%ks given attitude

9. Demonstrating playful attitude towards Life and giving off Vibe which is irresistible to Women

10. Talking to her in seductive tonality in between kissing and making out and bouncing her to your place

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Thank you, have a smashing 2019 With Wet and stimulating dates For upcoming Valentines Day

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hi how are you I love the way you’re walking back you’re so confident you’re a confident person high five for that man I never see like you know it’s a very rare occasion to see someone on a Sunday walking this confidence and I was like I have to stop this girl and at least a cheeky hide the other thing I noticed was your jacket very colorful it reminds me you know Prince versus postulate Purple Rain thank you no worries were you up to what I was thinking your English but now I feel like you have a solid background German you’re French where’s your accent girl it’s gone no you don’t know like English English you know I was born involved here okay it’s not it’s not very strong thank you figure that I really think about the French accent I’m a long time very cool now you can get away with it like people are not going to know if you don’t tell them you’re French you can you can nobody let them and let them guess you’re like if you were to guess where I’m from what would you say and then just because you’re wearing as well so what’s going on how is your Sunday amazing amazing hopefully it’s one of those chilling you know relaxing no care in the world just all the time to yourself and I see you don’t have any stresses no I’m going to meet a friend thirty minutes I have time I’ve just he just say okay so you are exploring same here are meeting someone like in a while so earlier on you know there was an act some girl she had like a mirror and they were recording I don’t know what the hell was going on so I was so intrigued and I was just looking at that and then you know you will cause so I was like this girl I need to at least stop what’s your name my name is Solomon nice to meet you lovely to me oh so you’re meeting your friend on that side now because there’s a really nice place I’m waiting for someone it’s a casino yeah but they do have like a bar and chilling area so I was thinking I wanted to invite you like for five minutes if you want to join me it’s just that you see that building across the road tell your friend come to Topshop today right now actually whoa flowers red carpet there’s a red carpet there if you wanna steal yeah another time are you on whatsapp is a UK it’s a French you French people love your number I have to put your name because the spelling looks I’m gonna mess it up how you spell it you Oh my name is Sullivan settlement yeah text me I’ll definitely link on whatsapp here and we definitely go out on a drink there’s a nice place here there is one place in Carnaby Street is like a terrace and it’s open you know you can small against okay oh yeah we have a good time yes meeting what day is normally good for you weekdays or we can we can don’t work then Wednesday afternoon but we during the weekend with you yes I’ll drop your text maybe Saturday on Sunday yeah okay let me give you a hug say hi to your friend they do like organic BIA are you into beer you don’t mind or your wine lady no I’m beyond the wine lady I’d like everything you’re the connoisseur of as long as it got some alcohol in there yeah that’s fine it’s good you didn’t ask me where the hell is Carnaby Street just like walking as well because it’s so common relaxed compared to yeah like at this time of the night yeah no matter what day is during the day during or during the day’s madness you don’t wanna mingle with your own people I’m here to speak French English to be English atmosphere yeah I suppose you can do that in your country you got plenty of opportunities and for you to do you want with them you’re like can you please not talk to me in French speak to me in English it will be so awkward eh like you’re all your friends your childhood friends the one you grew up with all of a sudden you guys start speaking a different language how was here day actually so you’re just chilling lazy Sunday yeah let’s see how busy it is you can smoke your cigarettes I just have a quick look at me hi Howie can you go upstairs with the drink change of plans it’s too busy you got no sitting area whatsoever like outside is not bad we look at those suits is so uncomfortable like the wooden chairs in winter not really good for my bum they engineer there’s this place this place is called zebra nose this one is quite nice and on Sundays not that busy and I downstairs they’ve got like sitting area good music good vibes to sit outside you don’t want to play outside like I don’t mind but we can see inside for a bit and then come out for a cigarette I’m doing ok we come upstairs office just listen to some music change the world and then come upstairs say no to smoking for 10 minutes nice and quiet so would you like a beer or wine one let’s find the seat and I’ll get the drink yes have a seat here someone get the one red wine white wine yeah to be honest not really all I can be a person yeah that you have a soul here hironao yep they will do their job yeah like I do street photography so today it’s more like a hobby but soon are all turning into yeah I want to like you know they call a side hustle like you have a main job and you do something on a side so I’m one of them ones and then maybe one day the side hustle it becomes the main house hungry mungry you went from two to three in less than two seconds now you’re going to say many many but enjoy I do I do you take easy you got work in the morning yeah tomorrow tomorrow’s Monday’s not suddenly I enjoy okay that was interesting she said all of a sudden she went to like trees I’m just going to quickly use the toilet I had so much water today this is much better than the pub the pub was yeah crowded and the other thing is I don’t know it feels a little bit awkward like you know when you go to a pub there’s no music only knowing that everyone is talking so loud 2019 year of adventure and fun I said year of adventure and fun oh yes I was reading something he all starts with expectations so if your expectations strong enough yet even though things one of return as you expected at least you can still expect one analogy I will give you like every morning when you wake up here why are your expectation of the day like sometimes when your expectations are like I want to do this on a do that you know you’re in a really good wine and steak but when you wake up you look at your to do list sometimes it’s very good your expectation like for the whole layers you know not much to do you know it’s kind of like I try to have like certain things to do which keeps me occupied so my job like I’m a data analyst fancy word I’m not passionate by you know it pays the bills and then I do I work in marketing and tailoring yourself some like so wearing these different hats yeah like marketing is one of those things no matter who you are if you understand the concept of marketing you could be a doctor you could be a chiropractor you know everyone like all bones in your body still you need to mark okay you need to meet before you need to them in a good way you know say for example I’m a chiropractor and I can like if I’m selling here I’ll be like yeah you know your posture is not on point you need you need a session of the back somewhere here I’m just selling money it’s not just you everybody you know who is the culprit anytime have you noticed any time yes any time we are using your phone we are never like you know when you see someone looking at the phone it looks a little bit their back is straight they are like taking picture of me but normally like our given tendency is always oh I just saw your message now hey I’m saying yeah like I was born and brought here but my parents you know my dad he had a business when I was very young so I used to travel with my dad sometime I used to be know in the country for three months for six months like I’ve travelled a lot of Middle East like I’ve lived in Dubai Abu Dhabi Iran yeah these were the countries Lebanon we used to evolve in Lebanon a lot it’s an Arabic country is very very unusual like you know a lot of people like when you it’s not exactly Middle East you know so a lot of people have this concept this place is very serious you know people once you go there I think more than 50% of the people a question they are not all like majority of the people in there they have like I’ve never ever seen people with so much style and like if you if you see them in afternoon eeeh they will be wearing one outfit and then you see the same guy in the evening he’s wearing a completely different outfit the amount of money they spend like in a good way you know like they are just very conscious about how to and I’ve never seen a guy you know who the beer is all over the place very very Korean and then the food man a Lebanese food amazing yeah yeah French like come on one of my friend she lived in Lyon for a few months like four five six months and then when she came back she had like six of seven painting she fought one she was like I just couldn’t help it I wake up in the morning and these amazing breakfast this amazing lunch this amazing dinner there are few Lebanese restaurants in the area there’s one really nice in area is called marushin like their food is not as good as yes very true they’ve just a there’s an element in the cooking missing I’m sure you’ve been to Naples it’s in Italy is very close to and AP Elias so Naples is the home of pizza that’s where pizza was fun so if you go to Naples you go to one of the most inexpensive I’m thinking I’m sure you know but maybe the way I’m pronouncing I wasn’t saying I was like she’s not thinking I’m talking about women but it’s very similarly like some people they get they say what et cetera is a nice name if you go to very ordinary maybe family run someone don’t know anything about a restaurant and they will cook a pizza a la margarita for you and the taste that are very is you can vote you like maybe Michelin 3 star restaurant in London it’s not the same so I don’t know if it’s a recipe I think restaurants the same ingredients very truthful so then I went to the guy who owns even though he couldn’t speak English when like I did the Google Translate with him just to even like Google Translate I don’t trust Google Translate hundred percent because they always know like me and you if we start talking in French say for example you didn’t know any English and I start using Google Translate with you and all of a sudden you will be like no no no this is wrong it’s a completely the opposite you mean French then you can be like a Muhammad Ali you know Muhammad Ali when he used to speak like the way he used to speak was just crazy I wish because some people think they’ll be frank because people from Morocco Algeria they look very similar to me so yeah it’s a it’s a shame do you know all the swear words because I used to live with two brothers they were from our segments and they were like the big suppose of mrsa composing and every time or every week when PSG or every few months PSG and when they used to play that’s what they bloody used to say all the time very generic they are more open more expressive where they are they just have like you know this attitude carefree I think it’s the weather Marseille is like South of France right so obviously the weather is not as cold as Paris the same thing I noticed when I went to California and then this year when I went to New York because it’s like East Coast and West Coast so I did the comparison and California people like the way they behave you will think like they are vampires like they have 1,000 years to live they are so changed for me last year in the right and then when I went to New York holy shit you stopped someone for a direction they’re like where you want and they are working so fast like you’re intimidated so in New York is all about time and the weather is like now is bloody cold they might even have a snowfall yeah yeah to be honest I never used to travel this much you know when I was a kid I used to travel I didn’t have no choice because of my dad but when I grew up at some point for some reason I had a phobia of flying long distance like when I say phobia I was like I was like I could go to anywhere in Europe one hour two hours three hours max that was okay but still I was very uncomfortable but if you tell me 10 hours 12 hours I’m like no I’m not going I don’t No you are literally the pilots everyone they are in control of your life right so I’m not even sure you know it would be a nice idea to talk to your pilot to talk you know every fly you go to you have like this introduction where you see your eye line you see he slept well he’s in a good mood he’s not grumpy you’re like okay I feel very comfortable now so yeah in 2017 a mustard and some courage life is too short I need to start traveling so then when I went to California there was like i. Opener cause it’s about ten and a half hours 11 hours from London yeah it was scary man I’m telling you and I was sitting like whoever thank God when I was going here from Iceland and then from Iceland to California the lady who was sitting right next to me I was like I have to tell you this in advance here do you have a phobia just in case if there’s a turbulence here and the next thing you know I just take your hand and I’m holy yeah Obama rest any like harassment charges like I was addressing you anything Oh even I’m not gonna hold your hand like this paper whole your hand like here don’t be alarmed because it’s the turbulence that gets me and she was loving she was like no no don’t be silly but she was a married lady she was like Dom Basilius are you my thank God the flight was so smooth that I never had the opportunity to you know ha so yeah because of them then in 2018 I went to divide 21 Kong for the first time goodbye and Hong Kong so seven hours to the bike and then from the by seven hours to Hong Kong and then the first time in my life across the Pacific sea so you take you take off from Hong Kong you go through South Korea then you cross Japan to Japan is the last place you cross then for 11 hours is just see how fuckin mind blowing is that scary well Kolya but it’s just like can you imagine how big how big ceeze out to sea 11 hours just nothing what countries have you crazy around you did travel you yeah well you know what I’m sure if I find people as crazy yeah it’s amazing like we live in an age 50 years ago 60 years ago if you are like from a very rich family then you can afford yeah like we are not rich people we are just like average people you know every ghost anyway I never done it and there were no money money to progress with me and my sister so we never had the occasion yeah that’s just you know one of those things like if you would have asked me when I was a kid do you like to travel I would be like it was no in school for human and then you know you make friends and then when you come back so as a kid to be honest I just wanted to stay but still yeah it was good experience time in England you say from more than one year in some in ya know it used to be always three to six months never for like a year and when you came back in England it was all the way to Amanda oh yeah your friends yeah cause my parents used to live you know in thank God I don’t know if I can live in any other see I just love you know with London I have this relationship like I don’t like you know sometimes you don’t realize it go I’m getting the person disappears or you leave that place for a certain amount of time and then when you actually come back you know you become very efficient so I remember when I went to New York for ten days all of a sudden this new year was so hard it was so hectic and you know even though I did seem a problem I probably came to see me still man it felt like in that big city like I’m a very social person I can still something like you know you miss like I’m sure you know you are here in London yet if you go back to France actually I did all my friends in Paris the cafes are very nice the food is very good but then is much exciting you know it’s it’s bigger and it’s many things to do in the tooth industry maybe no yeah no yeah one day one day I want to go back in France next year it’s very nice London is one of those series basic uses you like you don’t even know how much you love it until you go to another country or another see like you already you don’t know you love London so much for you it was the opposite when you went to France yeah instead of like spending time with your family and friends you know like you did but still you were missing when I came came in and learned the first time it was very nice I was coming love of the city but then I came back in impressed I came on back and when I come back here in January just something new I love this city more than the first time I came think you’re right how long you been in London I’m gonna ask you us after six months and I’m going to ask you after nine months you will be like I’m not going back to France for good study and constant here why not expensive yeah my English is not good enough to study English I could study in a university go back in France and do my thing in a race for what you want to study I am business during two years but I definitely didn’t like it next week on next year I want to study no sooie sooie like cloud making but like all the outfits they were you will be the person behind those and then once they do all the walking you can come at the very end you are like me all these years like the way they look is all because of me I don’t know if I want to be a you know ladies we do our fashion profession chosen and I have some ideas you know because I am I can do fashion and business same time like you already have expertise in business two years ideas yeah you still got time how old are you like 20 21 that’s why I tell you you know when people ask how old am i I’m like forever 21 forever 21 I just told you Wow really yeah 27 but going to 28 on on a good day I look 25 no it cost me some time when I trim my beard because I have this baby face and then you know sometimes I’ll go to the casinos not to you gamble anything I just go there cuz they yeah they have a like a really nice terrorist place at the very top I’ll actually show you on our way and show you it’s like amazing location the same I’m like promise me is like no I want to see your ID it’s very very very frustrating a guy asked me my idea let’s say last week was my friend and he asked me my idea and he didn’t answer the idea my friend and she’s younger than me she must be feeling bad she’s like this one is more open isn’t it compared to that one nice Swiss tree hmm that one you have like the whole city of London I want to try I know it’s a nice view at jacket muffle oh yeah I’ve never actually haven’t been there there’s another one is called Sushi Samba okay yes then I’ve been I’ve been to Sushi Samba have never been to like that can waffle this place is like summertime it’s beautiful I’ve obviously inventor you have cold today’s little bit windy by Adam moon looks view yeah so lucky and thank you they can get on the roof oh yeah yeah like I don’t know mainly these are all offices you can see but then some of the places I won’t be surprised like one studio flats or all the money you’re earning it goes in the rent and then for the rest of the month you are just having bread and beans you’re like I don’t if I have bread and reads every day but I’ve just got the best view in the entire land you know you can have a singer if you want I just say here now I’ll wait that’s what you need on Sunday some fresh air it’s beautiful isn’t it so like the clouds are talking to you that’s one you are hi I’m Jaime it’s funny you know sometimes the clouds have these funny faces of shapes and then it’s just there like for a second and then they just disappear it’s like a mythical oh yeah you’re like okay you close your eyes and you say how it’s gonna be 2019 but then it’s open to your interpretation you’re like okay it’s gonna be like clouds is gonna go smooth and fast or you could say you know is gonna be windy you know they are like it’s open to your own interpretation the music is not to have evil I didn’t know there was a music and that’s not heating I was thinking is a he thought it was a heat I’ve always been told that French girls very good kisses no it’s not right yes and I’ll come smelling cigarette amazing well my cigarettes French kiss that French thank you yeah and this for us for a few people they always say yes I they call a French case like did you guys invented I didn’t know about I was reading somewhere you know when you flip a finger it’s very offensive or like you’re telling ya I know about this how estar is a started you know in French and people you know I wanted I don’t think seven eight hundred years you you know we were fighting together like there was a war yeah and basically you know back in the days you have these guys who will throw arrows was one of the main tech yeah for you skillful of professional arrow and ball thrower okay very very more sometime you know what they used to do was when they capture they would cut the finger the middle finger Wow yeah you know how it was sewn hey and videos it was a crazy and yeah so sometime when the two armies or people when they used to you know see each other like say for example in a marketplace if you were French I was English I would actually show you my finger that I still have this finger middle finger so that’s how because I didn’t even know it doesn’t make sense is just a fucking middle why do people get so offended it’s like you know swearing to someone you know you say fucker or something like that in Arabic actually that you won’t have a sister a call is curved because some customer guess for a month and because softer is for sister so Arab people didn’t fuck about like when they came to fight or they get angry even swear your mom and sister and I was like is so interesting every culture they have their own like swear words how do you know that of course of you know Lebanon was in Lebanon they speak Arabic and I do have a few Lebanese friends so again when they are watching football or if we go like we are playing pool in a pub and something doesn’t you know go his way they were always in their mother tongue and I’m always just curious um what the hell that means what the hell this means in English you don’t concerned about your hair that’s true though if you had a long we are staying here for a minute or two we are going inside where did you get your glasses from in France people yes I did tell you it like you’re a Harry Potter fan look like a Harry Potter Oh and then save and if you look very fast it gives you the office I could tweet look just because I all you need is a bunch of files misko and then you will be like why did you not come on time good opportunity you were like so rushing cuz did you meet your friend that day yeah of course I’m with my friend noise I was so surprised because it stopped me it was trades on British people are not this friendly love people from England London people we are really friendly people from no one’s gonna stop now it’s basically you know the culture is a little bit different I don’t know people in Scotland I think they are more conservative and the other thing you’re not going to understand what they are saying you would need someone to translate their English yeah the action is take I understand your accent that’s one of the reason because I have the friends from all over the world and majority of them like you know their English is not good so for me to talk to them like in a level that they can understand I had to work on my accent as well just to make it more simple okay try it this one I think is watermelon and blueberry it’s only 6 mg can you imagine some people smoked 12 mg and 18 mg nicotine sometime I just have it after dinner it’s just like Lisa boy a fan page like I just I don’t know whatever in the fear is that I just didn’t within 2 3 hours I can eat like even though I’m not the biggest guy but when it comes to eating I can eat every few hours yeah no problem like if you put food in front of me every 2 3 hours mm hmm I’ll be like bring it on I’m not gonna say not here where the hell does it go only that’s the secret you know when I first start waving yeah my mom she was like this and she don’t know about this thing so I was like this is green tea is it I swear and she bought and she trusted me I was like this is actually green tea when I eat she’s on actually so night and I’m like you know this is not actually smoke is called vapor like you know if it was smoke you would you know it would stay in the room but as soon as they come out of my mouth it’s just disappear mm hmm so how can you beat smoke so yeah and then she is like okay with if I’m working indoors because I he was like is this really healthy like you know we are inhaling your because there’s no chemicals you know just like not harmful if you smoke in those it’s very it’s like you do have chemicals but the thing is when you actually when you actually exhale when the vapor that comes that doesn’t have any chemicals so people in the room people who are right next to you you know they are okay with that but yeah of course they got chemicals not as bad as cigarettes and roll ups cigarette roll ups are family they use so you go until 2020 smoke as much as you want then you can give up well yeah I used to be like a regular smoker so with this wave like I don’t feel like smoking anymore just how it friends are like today no social otherwise it’s good very good but you know before it was so bad when I first started so I would always use this indoors and then outdoors are you cigarettes yeah so then I was thinking what the fuck am I do yeah I’m becoming even more addictive so then I was like okay I need to stop the cigarettes and then slowly slowly like I just didn’t had any character because when I first started the nicotine I was using it was like only 2 mg 3 mg but a 6 6 mg is perfect I’m not going to use any more or less maybe I’ll cut down in future 2 3 again verse 6 at the moment is perfect if you don’t smoke cigarettes in you know like only on like social occasion when we were going to that place you were already like let’s see outside do you like have a thing how many a smoke okay what like how many roll ups is marketed or you don’t really know I used to smoke like ten say was before but then with roll up shit it doesn’t matter Oh with roll ups like you don’t really have to come your jacket is so warm yeah I know polar bear this is a synthetic yeah I’m no animal rights activist I’m not gonna attack you there are some crazy like you know they take it too far they will close like your business like this one they use anymore like I don’t know if it’s a right thing to do or not well you always have these animal rights people writing foundation to be honest like we don’t need to because if you can make in a year okay it makes sense five hundred years ago yeah there were no synthetic there was no factory if you kill it anymore and you use the level you know and it’s too hard to kill through that yeah especially nowadays like every restaurant every place you go to you have so much choices yeah in terms of food especially I don’t know I just love chicken like fish even meat like beef chili con carne it’s a very in winter I can literally eat that yeah yeah like you don’t have to eat every day even if you do it like few times a week is fine I try to eat only meat during the weekend otherwise it’s too much yeah that’s not good for your else it’s not good for the planet not good for anything so I tried we meet like fun for ten days I didn’t eat any me I was just like eating more like veggie and stuff and I kid you not man I was feeling so weak yeah like I literally had no energy whatsoever I don’t know if it was just a mind thing and I was going gym as well like in gym I literally had no bloody energy to you know normally the thing I was I was comfortable with the weights vegetarian people know you know does they don’t feel weak or they can leave and then after ten days I just benched myself with me 25 guys 25 guys I’ve got the hotdog I’ve got the burger I was like give me everything you got hungry where is your fiancee yeah on the ring there you go thank you to all the hey is what I said to all the haters yeah middle thing let’s make a lift thank you so it’s a normal people alone we came at the right time you never feel the wind when you’re on the ground is always when you are high yeah on the on the ground it’s like we were flying yeah let’s go that way is less crowded central line..

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