Pick Up Artists What Does Hamster Or Hamsterization Mean In The Game Pua Terminology?

The “Hamster” is less about Game or Pickup Artistry and more a concept of the school of thought that comprises The Red Pill.

A definition of Hamsterization on its own might not make much sense, so you need to view it in the context of “The Red Pill”. In a nutshell, The Red Pill is a philosophy (as such) exploring how feminism, modern society, and the media have radically changed intergender dynamics. If it wasn’t clear, their viewpoint is that these dynamics have changed for the worse.

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It’s made up of 3 main sectors:

PUAs: Pickup Artists – utilising Red Pill knowledge to have more sex. MGTOWs: Men Going Their Own Way – utilising Red Pill knowledge to shun society’s expectations of intergender relationships and live a more independent lifestyle. MRAs: Men’s Rights Activists – utilising Red Pill knowledge to highlight issues facing men, double-standards caused by feminism, and unequal discrimination towards males

The ‘Red Pill’ thing is a reference to The Matrix, where Morpheus offers Neo a Red Pill or a Blue Pill. The Red Pill removes Neo from the Matrix – making him aware of the social constructs society has ‘brainwashed’ him with – whilst the Blue Pill leaves him inside. (“Red Pillers” use the term Blue Pill to describe ‘beta’ males, people who suck up to feminism, etc).

Preamble aside, to answer your question… I quote from Manosphere blog The Private Man:

The rationalization hamster is an analogy for the thought processes used by women to turn bad behavior and bad decisions into acceptable ones to herself and her friends. When a woman makes a bad decision, the hamster spins in its wheel (the woman’s thinking) and creates some type of acceptable reasons for that bad decision. The crazier the decision, the faster the hamster must spin in order to successfully rationalize away the insanity

(Emphasis mine).

I simply can’t offer better examples than The Private Man’s post does, so I encourage you to read it for more examples. Here are a couple of the most common:

Bad Decision:

“I’m going out and getting drunk with my friends.”

Resulting Consequences:

Drunken and unsatisfactory hookup sex with a stranger.

Hamster Processing Result:

“I was drunk and he took advantage of me or maybe even raped me! Maybe it was a date rape drug!”

Final Result:

“It’s not my fault.”

The emphasis in this example being that the sex was in fact consensual (although alcohol was involved), but the woman justifies it (rationalises it… with her hamster) to get over the guilt associated with making a bad decision.

Bad Decision:

“I deserve only the most attractive and successful man despite the fact that I don’t have much to offer in the context of dating and relationships.”

Resulting Consequences:

Can’t find any man for dating or a relationship or only has one-night stands.

Hamster Processing Result:

“There are no good men” or “Men suck”

Final Result:

“It’s not my fault.”

Viewed within the context of the Red Pill, the Rationalisation Hamster can be recognised in many places.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Pick Up Girls.

Pua Text Game: How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text Without Seeming Desperate

Text Game Pua: How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text Without Seeming Desperate

Just to be clear, I am NOT saying to not text at all. I understand how big texting is as a form of communication. You can text all day if you want to and have the time to, just remember that you’re not going to make real progress until you make that connection physically.

I’m baffled with how many posts I see asking about “how should I text this girl back”, “how to flirt over text”, or “why she’s not responding to my texts?”

I don’t sweat whether or not the girl will respond. I just continue on with my life as planned after I send the text.

That. is. IT. That is EVERYTHING you need to know about “text game”.

You’re being needy if you care that much about how she hasn’t responded to your text from an hour ago. There’s no one universal reason to why a girl might take a long time to respond. “Maybe I should text her again and ask her if she’s mad at me.” Oh sweet lord. Sweet sweet lord. Sweet Baby Ray’s sweet lord.

You can score nudes left and right, but how much is that going to help YOUR skill when it comes to actual female interaction? Do what you do to get nudes from her in person and you’ll be making real improvement. Also it’s “you’re”. 🙂

Now I’m not saying texting is useless. Obviously it is a great source to establish dates and make sure one another is still alive, but relying on it to “carry” your game is just a waste of time.

SO REMEMBER: Any real progress you make with a girl will be made in person. Spend your time improving and ENJOYING your self. Her texting you back is about 0.0069% of what it takes to be good at seduction. I’ve said it countless times, but you can’t make love to a phone. And if you can, then you bring a whole new meaning to the term “phone sex”.

Write up:

hey there’s Alex here ma’am so I want to talk to you guys about text game and how I believe that the one Aryan game where every guy is the most of conscious about and notices it’s four text messages every guy’s learning game I’m telling you they are more they are more insecure about their text messages more than girls going out on a prom night you know it’s insane like they even my friends is just texting me like it likes is it the right touch exist or my text is this is this what I should say or not and let me tell you something about tech team that I discovered as I was after as at when I was learning game and it wasn’t about the structure or the technique that you use or whatever text messages you use this is the biggest and most important technique in your text game is not even when you’re texting let me tell you something I’ve heard of a first impression right anybody heard about that how for example I you know when you read and when you read a text message you hear it in your friends voice right or when you’re reading a book and you know the author you know how they sound you listen you read a book with the author’s voice in your head right that’s kind of like it’s pretty automatic about our brains does there is isn’t that crazy so the same way with text messages the way it doesn’t matter how good your over over text game you have which you know what I picked as a Connor is example of that and now I don’t mind being contradicted but it doesn’t matter how good your text game is if your vibe was a lame like the lame you know like a little like I’m needy if you la if your vibe was lame and needy and and seeking value like something bad in from the girl it doesn’t matter how good your text messages because she’s gonna hear whatever you say form from a from the perspective of is a loser so it doesn’t matter what you say it’s not gonna help you you understand this kind of talk to someone who already who they’re already rejected doesn’t matter what you say you’re gone that’s it you understand so for example let me show you an example um there was a study that was done actually it wasn’t a university but someone I forgot where I read this from but a guy was using a no computer account with a hot guy and then was regular Cupid account he wants to see how girls react to the hot girl to the hot guys and him he sent the same the same message to the women the same message which was this na is pretty fucked up he said and you take something too fake profile that he used was a guy who was pretty good looking guy now he was it was very hot delicious he wouldn’t mean he wouldn’t eat game and it definitely wasn’t my profile they used to tease anyways um he said that he sent the message which was you’re so fucking hot I will rape you it’s not crazy he sent that message he used his profile and he used the hot guys profile the girls response to his profile the real one was me in psycho fuck you ho never ever go out with you that in mind you he sent that message to not the same girls but girls who look similar to that so he kinda like you know he kept it even then he used the hot guy you know what girls response him to him was are you gonna tie me up I would love that here’s my number here text me I’m free this day isn’t that crazy girls were more responsive to him now the reason why is not it’s not because of his it’s not because of his look I mean it is because what colors looks but because of the brains the representation of a hot guy causes them to you know like read misinterpret what he says into a positive thing it causes them to when when a girl see something some who has value someone who has value that value is in enables whatever you say to be interpreted in a positive way but if you’re someone who doesn’t have value suddenly whatever you say is gonna suck value you understand but if you say something that’s anything and you project value either by your looks or by your vibe which is what I teach you guys how to do you are able to say almost anything and it’ll come out good you know hey it’s kind of having like that magic touch anything you say it works you understand it will come from the mentality so the way you work on your tech sim is by working on your game in general you understand it yeah Tech’s game will help you out a little bit I don’t know I haven’t you know there’s no like study to say that got you beat you know how to text better you get this I will come because I really believe that’s just women just paying back to you according to how they feel about you now yes there is I mean you couldn’t prove it but I know one thing it’s similar to similar to bouncer like basketball the best coaches don’t want games the best coaches don’t lose game that’s it listen the best coaches they don’t lose the games in other words your text messages your text message should be not to lose the game it should not be to create more attention because you already created attraction you should have creative attraction the game is to be to maintain what you have that’s all you understand so if a girl gives you a number and sets up the date there’s nothing else you could do unless you become needy and and keep sending a text message the best thing that you do is do nothing later and let her come back to you alright so the best game is either running good game okay or taking a step back completely and and sending her message if she doesn’t respond once every 22 months once every two months you’re going do that you understand because if you keep holding on to that to that to that number if you want to get that responsible not number well you got an adverse stuff is not whether I should get her is why do I want her so badly what am I missing what am i lacking about myself because that you may think that you did everything good but maybe that one desire that you have for her to respond to you maybe that neediness was maybe you project that needing this and she felt that and that’s what caused her to have my a buyer’s remorse you understand so your vibe will always be in her memory she may not know who you are she may not know your name that much but she won’t a mere vibe she may not remember your personality but you remember your vibe the energy that you project out and your energies press predict is predicated by you to believe systems that we have yourself by how you what you expect although how you expect others who you add to you okay because this is the thing if you expect the woman to like you do you think you’re gonna go to so much trouble to find out the best text message think about that no I don’t think so I doubt that when you’re when you get for example when you meet new guy friends like guy friends you notice that not as the text messages how you text them your text is in them because you don’t is that that you don’t need them but you know you want them as friends but you don’t need them as friends but you you know you like them okay so you send us best sex images hey what’s up but you know no joke no Hayama solute wine you know you just send a text message like regularly you allow your natural emotions not from an increase of dopamine which is every word then you got because you got a number no but because of natural emotion like no ups no down just natural so if you feel like saying a joke not because you want to impress her but because you feel like saying a joke you say it you know if you can’t fuck up if you keep it natural you keep it without trying to do too much just doing it natural okay but the only way for you to do that is you got a view the woman view the girl that’s just like any other person but if you view her as someone who’s going to increase your self esteem who’s gonna make your life happier if you fuck her because you know he’s gonna make you happy that you got a lot of work to do and you may get a couple girls but if you work on that the floodgates of the pussies will open up because suddenly you’re not projecting anymore neediness okay so if you’re if a girls always keep flaking find out the vibe that you projecting find out find out whenever you get a text message notice when you feel the need for it to respond just notice that feeling and that’s yourself why do I feel that way what am i lacking okay and just keep exploring and exploring and find out why you can feel the need for her to response you why do you need to feel that connection what are you liking what are you not satisfying yourself okay even when you’re trying to impress someone why do you feel the need to impress has become aware of it you don’t that you judging yourself or condemning so you just awareness what because because that’s the first step becoming aware of it once you become aware of it and you know if you practice meditation while it’ll just naturally dissolve doesn’t take that long it takes it’s almost instantaneously sometimes and that when I started doing that I just started that’s when I became being like texting with like I don’t know like it just became like a fucking Jedi power like I would just say hey what’s up what he doing that just that they say now boom like that just simple straight to the point you understand like I won’t even say no question marks say just what are you doing oh okay and sometimes I was saying like an lol once in a while like she say if she says a long note she says a long text message just put lol at the end like an lol that’s like if you want to learn some techniques just putting an lol once in a while to hurt like a question that she asked and then put in lol don’t even answer any questions that’s a good way to if you want to you know have good test game I guess I’m always a big fan of like simple techniques so if she says what are you doing tomorrow you know you could I did not respond or just say hello just say that you know like this Hangouts moment that’s it but just know that you don’t have to respond to any text messages you know you don’t have to explain any jokes that she doesn’t get okay anytime that you need they feel the need to prove something to explain something or to prove yourself bring awareness to it okay because when you do this not only you’re getting good a game I mean you’re mastering yourself you learn to be happier because a lot of us getting game because we want to be happy we think we don’t want to get laid no way well I was get again because we want to be happy so get the one thing I need to get that you get right now which is happiness and I promise you by doing that it’ll get you laid because it won’t be any neediness you know Sam so yeah man that’s uh that’s how the text message is man like and what that’s gonna happen is I that’s just gonna create abundance you understand and um hey you see so also you want to get the gross number like um you know to get it you know to get the girls I mean what now sometimes a lot of guys struggle with asking for the number just say hey what’s your number I mean I know it sounds simple but sometimes notice how of notice the if you feel any anticipation when you’re about to ask for the number you gotta you gotta bring become aware of that also the anticipation like saying okay time for the number boom and you know it’s like tell me like the the the energy change is a gosh shit okay here comes the moon I like that I’m about to close the sale you know just become aware of any moments of like anticipation and tension when you ask and require something that you want from her it because should not be like that it should be an easy flowing this behind your actions so just notice any tension in yourself whenever you’re gaming whenever you’re texting if you say should I say this so that I mean be fucking normal and don’t say you know your offensive shit I mean you know UK me crazy you know if you’re crazy then you know that’s this is not a channel for you but just notice any time that you feel the need for it to like you I call those signs of needs you know those are signs of needs that we have sometimes okay so that’s all for me on text messages simply don’t make too much of a big deal out of it if you text messages fix itself if you have good game you know good game doesn’t fix I mean bad game doesn’t good text messages good text game that’s a fix bad game it’s that simple good text doesn’t fix bad game and um this is all for me have a good day oh by the way don’t forget to subscribe and like this video and comment let me know some techniques are using text messages I don’t mind learning new things let me know what you guys use I mean no but you guys have any questions let me know just any concerns you know I teach mindfulness and meditation so I’m a big fan of you know how we were and all that sort of stuff if you guys need any help don’t don’t hesitate to message me I’m always here for for you guys again take..

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Comment (15)

  1. I hate texting and I hate playing… why do we have to be in a opponent kind of relationship rather than in a partner kind of relationship?

  2. That’s I only text back and forth with girls that feels solid attraction to me. For the others I only text to make up a date and build more attraction when we are face to face . I know guys that are able to grow huge attraction through text but that’s very rare.

  3. nice content, glad i stumbled on your channel.. i really like the deeper approach you use on every topic, in the end i believe gaming is all about human psychology! keep it up, you have a new subscriber

  4. the part where you said “if she text you a paragraph respond with lol” omg i had that done to me and it pissed me off. im soo convinced this guy watches this channel cause he does so many of the things you said. But now im learning to be more aware of these games thanks to you lmao 🙂

  5. Alex I politely disagree. If I am not attacted to a guy regardless of his social value or eloquent prose. His super smarty texting wont do anything to me. Now if a guy knows how to use my subconscious unfilulfill needs then I become vulnerable because he is giving me something I crave since childhood. You should teach your followers to read Freud instead.

  6. My cousin told me when she met her husband the first time and they started dating that she didn’t have to play ”hot/cold with him. Which means, he was a good guy, nice guy or something else. Also, I learned from her there that girls play this game ”hot/cold” and it is part of their shield of not getting hurt.

  7. Bro you are really onto something here way deeper then textin hoes. Rt your speaking on some real shit . This is a dope video

  8. not every woman think alike not everyone have the same character first its always important to observe the woman you desire some women are attracted to handsome guys others are not some women don’t like a guy who is too cute if a woman is looking for love they will go with the guy that give them the best expression of love if she needs sex she will go with the guy who is most exciting every woman have a desire or a weakness as a man you must first know her weakness so you can take advantage of it some women are shy and reserve others are outspoken so as a man its best to give yourself the experience needed with women then u will understand them better start at your level so u can master the art of dealing with women first thing as a man know how to have a good conversation know when she is in a good mood or bad women are very emotional become her entertainer become her world once that happened its like a tattoo you can’t always be playing games with a woman because as I said not every woman thinks the same and you’re not the only guy or the best guy to steal her attention become her friend be that man she can talk to never tell a woman that you love her make her tell you she love you even when she do that don’t say I love you the only time you tell her you love her is when she is sick or something really emotional happens in her life that way she will never forget it will be a glass of water to her thirst.

  9. My question is, what if she’s playing the same game? Now you got a bunch of one word texts that shows disinterest in her. Don’t forget it takes 2.


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