Picking Up Girls At Hooters! Long Beach Aquarium

Picking Up Girls At Hooters! Long Beach Aquarium

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where are we Long Beach what are we doing in Long Beach gotta go grab some food Oh who did a little hipper fish oh I’m just going to go go Big Kahuna’s this is smashing total go fishing today I wish melon guess what bobby fischer’s got a special appearance today come to the chrome go food always makes get all my mates for these ones we can’t actually catch Chloe yeah we try to take them up we make it smuggling the fish out where you have a pepper really hold touch room and then come back in a little take it back there’s a wild yeah we got to step through and then we’re going to go to that the longest chrome pretty thinking small what’s the guy well looks GT except for the waitress she look pretty Judy but but look duty on the menu he can we to pump it through one editing block no pressure III I think it’s freezing out the back Oh what are these jokes mr. solo you better be pressure due to only how many other sliders that look pretty delicious Bobby’s formula for bad influence of this cloth if we’re near the aquarium’s I mean the secret good here there can be better than a normal who doesn’t look like that’s an optic exit point here that pleases face better please yeah seafood by the seaside or you can come all the fish here know this place hopefully no part of my host is going to contact through your contacts are you I’m going to recommend okay good idea he’s never been either about what I use I don’t know Kennedy which one so I really like facing our pigs and therefore hypothesis look son tells you think you can ever put in your body slide is good I’m gonna give them like I said like a little pot and then grill it again and incited these alive the heart of death tolls here there goes death on me triple death Thank You garlic yeah yeah that was yeah I played Caleb mm oh god Ken flavor you’re going to get some fresh squeezed milk as well yeah here first move can we get to them yeah milk freshly squeezed thank you so happy how’s the coffee has gone on it yeah let’s be funky don’t win for Tottenham with a Sarah give me a sparrow so almost like you’ve done well big finger in that stir it up a little look pull notice they’re doin either you get out freshly squeezed through the milk do that go down two points take the credit take take better pull cream look pretty look at that what happened in the breach is a breach in the cup this is it comes back very tight spot it promise stop always keep looking that’s a tough one for that boy it was about person anymore that is just a list how are you feel poor give me Vogue everywhere according to the Film Institute so here I just how you explained that on my top just randomly cracked it up can I have another milk sleep oh yes trigger shut up little girl the bacons are like wings about the left wing their sleep are healthy that was unhealthy for consume the body foods all this up it works here this is devil bitch come check her out oh come come over come over possible then I got these triple death deluxe or something I don’t know she said it was the hardest thing to add on the menu whatever try the way hmm delish you’re going to get one of those two bang yeah give it a same you give it the red on crack put everything I’ve got into this nothing I’ve ever given through the bangle box dedicate more almost a spot on if you cleaned it off how was it pretty good pretty good Italy up to the hype yeah I won so yeah so I’m going to ask you come through bring your fishing rod I’ll bring a couple yeah we’ll do it we’ll do it hidden cameras all of it don’t miss our collection go dude look you can do it because the ghost is a cover I’ll put the camera down like turn it like okay it off place it down and then it will look like this is real this is the camera in their base or like tripod or over here with Westropp up and you when you get using the airwest proper support tripod around walking on three legs every three weeks I went off in like a tent or with the missing leg one sensor like that for some mythical prince there with me the music or people here LOL kerno’ league is definitely mythical oh yeah come here Tommy okay you’re fucking interested in all face Georgia come to feel amazing christ like side of this long time I remember Joey having my favorite thing in there I didn’t have these like gelatin toilet right in like a dark room they let me turn off all the lights and then I’ll be double they go oh you should learn what those Phyllis head motion numbers we can take to a picture of that moon jellyfish good over there do that work we’re going to beneficiated goes this way low taxes because they can’t afford absolutely what about histogram so they applied for their body language all right yeah right now on that yeah that’s I’m clean up this whole car the urging happy oh we let you out oh and you’re allowed to get at the number of work so how to clean that they weren’t allowed to yeah still hot it’s the new weights Instagram three bills of phone numbers these days forty four like that like that’s an old school shit right there welcome back welcome back Bobby’s domain after a little sidetrack excursion to hooting oh but yesterday I drove here isn’t that we resulted in a powder client he got away aquarium get constructed of losses entrap so it always will the trap though some anything it’s all detrimental he would totally do the highlight right at the highlight reel doesn’t it was real behind me looks like a computer screen okay the screen saver they just kind of having fun right you’re not flying around there back down the river see does it backwards killing holy fish though while that’s a well because I still wish public about thing I see them check out a shark that’s all that is good right over the coin targeting right some duck cock the fish back in the head that’s called the speaker and the most threatening come to moon you could ever threaten anyone with a fucking Kung Fu Panda and then when you’ve got a finger do whatever they like yeah like same thing figure eight but ten times work this to look for Jackson to do not know I know there could be a woody core state honestly the morning with Emily getting it is all more clear youth new year no no cringing lizards cringing would smell of swelling or rice go fish with warm feet of tankini and we thought they caught I think that although he called his life better called a small shark so he called a cringing lizard a long is a lot little belly rub yep like it we’ve shy and I gotta happen to be good what do you use the bait when you can have one of those that would sell no awesome convicted JP negative the lick excuse like a wobbler the walk with a three game walk on each side works every time since it sees the main stage just put them in here solitude canaveral nearly exactly can’t go how much we just used to give me I’m serious is same want to come up people give us rip the bottom of this page okay I’ll get kicked out but coffee grand and I can see it I’m very tempted I would do it whenever I think of these thoughts I’ve got a friend back home and watch this stuff doesn’t go watch more videos but every time I thing is doing something really bad renauldi I always figure Adam Rochester or Yahweh nation. com I really hit that spot on the lens yes but on the lens you did reflect what they little thought oh okay oh my so I was looking at it Crysta man alrighty then alrighty alrighty folks all we’ve got here is the demonstration of a live birth it seems a shark but there is it’s just that there is what it looks like on the inside of a shark yeah when it’s come for I haven’t read behind it but not really not so I know there’s no factual like comes on for them to have birth they do it live and the cornering deflection I’ve heard yeah if you should do a c section if you need to go break it out real quick like I said moms go through some serious labor pain yet we must be get in there with a knife cut it open you know hand it hand first those little babies up then we like to slow them up and yes give a mum locks and some painkillers and send it back in the tank it’s very risky business what I’d like to do it often but if I have to get my hands dirty I will that’s a male there’s two dicks and that’s the female and she’s got that the bungles yeah that’s the bunghole that’s whether that’s will that crazy business happens you know that’s when I get excited I want to make baby that’s the action rather Brown man charmant relating it yes we say muscling right oh yeah you what we have to do Joseph listen remember to Jesus right I look what I see you know you have can you walk come on camera I know this isn’t good fuck death is a part of this fuckity thank you oh my god oh you know this up yes it is land and say Masoli with my one becoming it comes to the current date the Lord keep cities in a day he’s in it to win it Victor having the cameras intimidating Deborah sword you look fat get in and son clearly from stretch III feel like I heard it buddy serious crumpet photographs tune into the back from geography hot yoga crash is subtle over the moon but looking at each other like just and often I think they’re in motion he has deep meditations dirtbikes dead fish thinking about all year to make that whale coming pocket maybe fish studies buddy moon still this issue okay we’re an official eclipse doing boy I do not want to go an answer for but so fill out the paper the vinegar you need to get rid of the studio so what I want to know is why will we see creatures are based off what if he like why these bottles came with the rest of these atoms only good question is nothing like crab it’s like everything is that was not give me anything what is out there thank you I can squish squish squish assembly family photo guys how’s aquarium it was great we had a good day at the aquarium I saw a lot of fish it was fun I went with my friend Bobby I liked the stingrays mock friend Steve baack stingray station always intimidated by one plus then I’ll remember to sing over duck stamp Copperas on his excellent after long days aquarium we decided after seeing fish we should eat some fish at Mema and Poppa’s for you 40 think your next push let’s see fryer oh yeah how’s that to be his name calamari put into a good day good a day within um you can pet friend you know we’re over calamari hey Yama all captain tentacles ..

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