Picking Up Girls On An Inspiring Night Game Adventure: Club Game

Picking Up Girls On An Inspiring Night Game Adventure: Club Game

Come along on an inspiring two-part night game adventure with Vadim where he documents himself picking up girls over the course of a full night out. In Part 1 he shows you how to build momentum on your way to the club and how to navigate the perilous waters of club game which includes rejections, bitchy girls and girls with boyfriends. In this video you will learn how to pick up girls in a more process-oriented way and have fun with it.

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You will see many different infield examples of night game with a focus on picking up girls at the club.

Start of our night game adventure(0:26)

Club game infield (4:16)

Real hostility vs expressing herself (7:05)

Being non-reactive during pick up (9:37)

Inviting girls to play a game with you (10:42)

How to pick up girls at the club (12:17)

Moving girls around the venue (17:44)

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Video text:

we are at our new place in Toronto in the kitchen what kind of messy as you can see a lot of clutter a lot of random containers and spices it is not a Toronto International Film Festival going on here the next ten days or so we decided to just head out to the night maybe try to sneak into one of the exclusive events a lot of tricky we’ll just say we’re related to Matt Damon if anything but otherwise just hit up some venues allowed occasionally there are some celebrities that you can spot we’re also training our new left editor Lu Bo from Denmark had a film in fields of the Quan you may know him from some amateur porn films so they’re just setting up the camera right now while I’m looking pretty we got a pretty badass chandelier good rock and roll the little raining tonight but the rain won’t stop us will it one rolling out in the Altima that’s the real panty dropper by the way my game is mr. bone I’m gonna spray some code and be right back got a smell fresh that fuel when you’re struggling artist and you have to go to the lawyer local pharmacy to put some cologne on aqua did you if you want to smell like an Italian spring roll all we’re missing is the Lambo to go with them we’re not hard we just act like it every time you go out is a new adventure and that adventure begins the moment you leave your house I’m going to tell girls I’m the gentle monster I love on the gentle monster we’re in King Street or all the madness happened holy fuck damn son I don’t know if we’re going to go ready some mouthwash sex some people off for gum tic tac mints but we don’t fuck around but we do that we do the real deal we keep it fresh Oh so we’re going to be hitting King Street soon this is like where a lot of the good nightlife in Toronto happens especially really busy during the Toronto Film Festival should be a lot up CJ you made it you made it I was Frieda she made it they say it’s about the journey not the destination so on your way there start pushing your own amusement button because you are ultimately responsible for your own fun right head Holton PI’s God excuse me are you coming to Stanley Kubrick’s party trick question he died a few years ago but he was a big film director otherwise you would have gone though for sure well you can shut up girls on your way to build some social momentum going out of your way to game them in the early part of the night is not very strategic as they’re all stressing or rushing to get in somewhere it’s better to just commit to a specific venue and go ham there we didn’t get into the first venue that my friend was promoting at because Ludo wasn’t wearing the right shoes so we decided to head back to Wellington Street and hit up the Addison’s lounge the one thing you can really rely on in life the CN tower it’s just always there Richard oh yeah it’s live I mean why just a little summary we felt 19 years now in power you can balance country I get back guys guys you got a lineup for the teeter totter you got a lineup I really got you can’t just barge in overtime you’ll learn to differentiate between real irritation or hostility directed at you and a girl simply expressing herself in response to the environment as well as any other factors immediately influencing her emotional state that state can be fault I’ll and unpredictable but quite harmless and often very malleable guys when you scale from 1 to 10 because then I feel cause then I feel oh you’re dead level and eight out of my yo like Penelope Cruz nothing Jordan run that phone okay here we go pleasure to meet you goodbye you know all I noticed about you look really Persian are you perv besides I’m not an Arab I’m fucking here piano no way Eastern European and Google yeah not the scary thing itself no I’m not a Arab is another way rap are you Irish Irish how do we go how do we go from person Arab tired who fuckin oily smut you tell me your full political function well one I’ve been Christ and correction we drink safe in Europe why aren’t you participating in the facility I want to leave over negativity I’m right here I’m very physically expressive that’s about experience so I’m ready you have to learn to be genuinely unreactive and take everything that happens in good humor because life is a fucking comedy here I can tell that her mild annoyances have nothing to do with me so I just continue having fun unaffected really got vibe about you your life shocked and disturbed by like yeah the big thing of guys for we can definitely go into this why did your mom is not secure what if you got really tempted by like a really fizzle Cuban lifeguard everything is riding on this your whole future and mastering pick up is much like winning a game of Connect four all you have to do is connect your sexual value your social intuition your sense of purpose and the complete freedom from inner conflict in this grid life box I thought ahead oh I don’t even like to see I pray obviously I know waiting coming for raping I will not go turn the lights off you hear me you know I noticed about you yes no you look you look like a British spy novel your name the next best thing busy lives we can also say I’ll go through my week wait a second look at this now oh my God look at that now I’m like showing and everything Oh a game of Connect for the giant connect for thought you left go do it let’s do it adventure how dare you question my strategy don’t do it though No then while back another question but be honest are you more of a Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera I don’t know yes we saw let’s just say you are noble as fuck I think that calls for a solitary drink oh my god let’s go this way how does it feel to win Aaron’s Claire I’m not correctly what do you want I have a cappuccino today for the first time in like a year it was in the morning you’re winning Oh I have an actor really babies are their babies their accent I’m glad you put on the American accent when I just met you I put on a British actor for like two seconds the whole thing what no kidding no I had an action all right now I’ve got an actor all right this is my normal actor I’m rushing originally I mean I’m not I’m not British no I am constantly making them yes that’s an accent that’s our god I really pulled the wool over your eyes oh you’re in accounting I’m in accounting I don’t like realistically you’re gonna end up with something completely random right graphic design or scuba diving circuit like yeah when you quit our cast like Winston Churchill said why stand when you do put your ahead of the curve take it fast and everything we should get high and play lightly why are you putting sinister idea I will admit a happy that with you oh you got firm I’m gonna hypnotize everyone standing around in one place can render the interaction static instead feel free to have a series of experiences with the girl when you’re at the venue that could be playing ping pong getting a drink we’re moving from the patio to the dance floor where you can subdue sir with your dance all right spy novelist for once it what is your number you’re not going to be able to take every girl home that same night nor do you need to so I get her number and we move on as pulla clock strikes we venture into the last phase of the night the street game phase that’s why light zone where anything is possible ..

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  1. Hey guys hope you enjoy Part 1 of this full night game adventure where I show you how an average night of pickup can unfold. Please let me know what you like about it and what kind of things you’d like to see in future videos.
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  2. That easter european ignorant should first educate herself by knowing that arab and persian are two completeley different things… Talking abt insult… smh…she insulted herself by herself by showing her level of ignorance… Bet all Arabs know tbe difference unless u …


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