Picking Up Girls On Tinder!

Picking Up Girls On Tinder!

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what up everyone welcome back to project Tony I have not picked up this camera and so long it’s been like a week and a half and I’ve been so busy with work lately and all my chefs have been mid shifts so they’ve been from like 1: 00 p. m. or 2: 00 p. m. all the way to 9: 00 or 10: 00 and it’s so hard for me to pick up the camera after that because I don’t want to be loud and film at nighttime and then I’ve lost motivation and it just has just been a bunch of shit but I’m happy to be back and I hope you guys are happy to see me if you’re new make sure you guys subscribe like this video and let’s get straight into it we’re chillin in the projects the making projects we was trying to picture the top and they tried to stop us for myself it djaro me no fucking doubt watch it watch how quick it works anyway before we start I want to say one thing another reason why I don’t pick up this camera it’s because I want to give you guys quality over quantity so I don’t want to just pick up the camera and literally just sit here and film something and have you guys listening to me and I’m kind of contradicting myself right now because literally right now that’s all I’m going to do but be patience with me I promise in the near future we are gonna have better videos we gonna we are gonna have some viral bangers just stay tuned stay tuned please please then you I didn’t have much to film today I didn’t know what I wanted to film to be honest I wasn’t even gonna pick up this camera but I was like I can’t let all my projectors down look how bad of me would it be if I let my projectors down we are gonna be picking up girls on tinder and if you’re a girl watching this right now I want you to know if you go on tinder expecting to find real love you played yourself congratulations what are you doing found so I have them one snapchat anyway let’s go back to Facebook and as you guys can see my messages are dry that’s cuz I have no friends literally I’m good at tinder go mess around with some girls Oh as you guys can see I already my really message some girls and I was using pickup line just to get this video started and I guess some of them replied and you know let’s check what this girl said I messaged her eyes and I said I like chocolate you like vanilla can we make some mixed kids and she said haha we’ll see I’m fuckin cheese what do you mean we’ll see what you excuse you what do you have to see our kids can be like excuse you when you have to see our kids can be like whatnot I actually put Jaden Smith facts and yeah I just want everyone to know I swiped right on everybody so I don’t want nobody to be like L what is he doing here fuck you let’s go whoa miss Tasha I get this as a hooking up side but I ain’t with it I’m down to Miku people can show me different things I whatever I want to build with people and I just have a one night thing can we build this D in you or what and I forgot to say whenever you guys go and tell yo you wanna pick up drawers and use pickup lines always go with what their bio says so read their bio and use something according to their bio into your pickup line and works every time you’ll see who’s talking I have so many of these that I have never opened or never seen her bio is by the way I’m actually 18 interesting come on what is up with my wife I’m only 19 but this big 27 they want it I know they want it we got next Maya Crowe questioning if I’ll be single for okay 5/7 and Croatian questioning if I’ll be single for the rest of my life you can either be single or or you can call me tonight and we can bigger wait wait wait wait you get you got to think about these things since they they’re hard you can be single or you can call me 10 min and we can make babies okay all right next look Emily gives Ian fuck it I’m going in if you don’t like dogs we have a problem don’t let my pictures fool you I usually have a smile on my face yes I’m 5 1 no I’m not a midget you’s a midget and that’s perfect you won’t have to get down on your knees hashtag you you the real what the fuck is going on you the real MVP I said use a midget and that’s perfect you want to get down on your knees you would a real MVP I’m telling you use their bio it works now I just gotta wait for number reply I delete this shit all the time add me on snapchat if you want to talk but who’s next Oh Madison guys like I said I swipe around on everybody so do not judge me and the people I swipe on bitch hmm well let’s say stretch about like my woman stretch of all girl you gotta fucking who clay wait oh she needs a good one right so the thing about this girl she doesn’t have a file when that happens this is what you do so what she doesn’t have a bio fuck this bitch next Haley no I know you Oh Sadie Sadie Sadie there’s some more water right I need people with I had some Makenna Makenna Makenna Makenna Makenna you’re something whoa that booty bigger than my future give me up next guys I think I’m getting sick so this is gonna even ruin my chances of filming some more oh fuck my life Amy 18 in a month well damn I might have liked your profile picture because I’m into you are into your dog you can be the judge of which you want to believe talk hockey to me okay I got you well first well first hit me up in a month so we can fight so I don’t go to prison go to prison and second I’m a dog because I want to be in you know but dog cuz I’m gonna lick you hashtag boyfriend shut the fuck up bank well furnished hit me up in a month or so I don’t go to prison in second I’m a dog cuz I’d leak because oops cuz I wanna lick you get it I feel like she’s a little blonde so I might have to hit her with that get it yeah there’s not gonna be a lot of videos while I’m just gonna sit down and literally just do something like this or react to a video I’m not that type of r and I don’t want to be I don’t want you guys to watch me just listen to a music and react to it or do this type of shit alright who’s next who’s next oh I know this girl so I’m gonna fuck with her heavy let’s see you better buy button if you don’t like Jake oh we can’t be friends looking for a six that can meet me laughs I’m looking for a booty wait wait like this you lookin for a six that can make you laugh and I’m looking for a skinny J look imagine I’m not looking for a booty I can make me you mean me what fuck I lost my thought and I’m looking for a booty that can make me yeah that works no I’m looking for a booty that can make me happy well what’s wrong what’s wrong with this charger holy fuck Oh who’s Neera I don’t know this girl is not good at tinder are you good at giving hand up guys I have so many of these holy fuck I used to be single I still AM listen I used to be a fuck boy so I used to message all these girls I’m not like that anymore come on out no more likes either holy fuck this is hard who’s Jessica Jesse my name my name is Gil at to Colette Jillette I’m dumb so fucking stupid because I’m the best a man can get also I will cut you can you please me though I know you can cut but can you please me though looks haha so sounds like a plan then I got you I got you just hit up my snap at there it on K by the way if you guys want us if you guys want to contact with me head up my snapchat at Aaron on K and my Instagram at guaranty Sonny my dogs well I think I’m gonna leave it at that for right now if you guys do want to see me reply to all those messages and those girls that idea please make sure you make sure you guys like this video subscribe if you’re new I hope you guys enjoy it thank you so much for watching and peace..

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