Street Magic In Miami Wins Dates! Daniel Fernandez

Street Magic In Miami Wins Dates! Daniel Fernandez

Doing street magic in Wynwood, I love this place.

Note – this is an original variation of a classic in magic.

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boy a new one came about today use magic pick up girl back let’s go even though we are in Miami you guys know the subscriber turned into a brother already is already back to the roots man don’t worry in a while it’s gonna be fun all these cards are completely and absolutely different but wanting to do want you to go ahead and select infinitely beautiful and I want you to sign your name that’s fine I’ve doesn’t matter it’s not one of those I wanted to go ahead sign your name really big across the face of the card okay we’re going to try something interesting that look without your even seeing the card I already know exact art it’s also kind of like a heart you’re like okay I know exactly we’re gonna take the Queen we’re gonna try something interesting with the Queen okay we want you to do is go ahead open your mouth just like it and that’s a weird request I know it’s a little weird okay I want you to go and bite down bite down by some beautiful red no no keep it there keep it there divison no no no no it’s 20 good six double if you like right there beautiful we’re going to take the next part over and the state the two so you have three now I have the two and I’m going to sign it right here 13: 07 and where is explained this is not going to be there for all my magicians out there so forth I’m going to ditch the stick but fold it up one and I’m going to fold it twice just like this okay now I have to pick a you have two three yeah but can you inhale are you in for your Oh No are you nervous are you good hahaha if you see like that love in connection sign a car keys are in your mouth yes probably cute just like that if you weren’t I wouldn’t really judge now I have your sign briea Club what do you have just like it and I’m going to fold them up in your card in my card just like is we’re going to put them right here together okay no I’m gonna hold on to this grab my handsome my god exactly here we go love Andrea Hey we know we have your screen right take a look at the pieces for mine the ripped heart take a look we know yeah ..

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