We Try To Pick Up Girls.

We Try To Pick Up Girls.

We try to pick up girls in solenad.

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so I have a few problems today and I’m setting up my new chair and guess what this chair gives me now why I bought the chairs because I want to relax sit down so that my butt won’t hurt for like five hours you know so I have two problems redditor first of all why would I want a chair why would I want the chair that says it has my 1sd need new non sexually transmitted disease I don’t want to have sickness and one of AIDS I don’t want no bacterial infection in my penis that’s a huge problem no I’m about my second problem is what kind of abomination or company lets you fix this entire shit together look at this instruction idea understands the instruction G BCD what in the freaking screws now oh I can’t get through step one I’m done in the world I can’t even fix my life I can’t even patch up my life and you expect me to patch these things up look at all these parts I have to put together one two three four five six seven eight that’s more than my problem you know what I’m done I’m done I wanted to sit down but guess what I get I have to sit up and fix all this again we’re gonna go back to the place where we can find girls you know why cuz very stuck and secluded in our homes we basically don’t have any this little I’d like we don’t know what to do we’re gonna get out there and give the girls our best pickup planes we’re gonna go to strangers 100% unknown two hundred percent transcription three hundred percent made up pick up plane Corral that has to be most six o clock Natalia man he said no Ali’s coming at six o clock but guess what corn or a snack get them in Kitano booyah three hours earlier tsunami just explained Tyga Alice I know Laura snap as usual no late I’m gonna feel a few minutes later the gondola grab a six fold piernas green apology in time who are you miss Dido who love you miss people people still at the post Alencon of Goguen 60 Emily’s six Padma I hate it when this happens you know 15 minutes later three hundred and forty six minutes later then uma understand by more sixty sixty nine indica but in uma allison bakke more why do you think we’re late that’ll why are you thinking now we’re late there L wear a pair L we are supposed to leave by about twenty five minutes ago are you listening do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you there l god yeah I can barely see you at night behind 0 ba boom ba ba ba ba ba ba I am at the moon area who has a purpose of I go yeah well it’s ok man though you can plug yourself up inside yourself yeah alright yeah so no Big D how you doing man you don’t have any channel but what’s your slogan in life when life gives you lemons this is you oh this is you okay when you get to people you have money then you will have more people oh you will have more people see whatever peep but no one P tenango my go i’ii sir my money we didn’t know so we’re here in a yellow and are you guys ready for your pickup lines in case you ready not ready not behind my girl but drop some quality click apply and see some on that right now managing the appointees in a pickup lines it’s not to be a reject or to be accepted here is to hijack their number sleep aha you see that lumpy Julie when you said hey check their numbers like customer support the knee on my customer support by Saturday high juicer where are you you licked me with one of your videos I know it then talk about it why are you talking about man’s comment down below Raymond you did it again no I didn’t do that more during the Fast & Furious what is nerds playing uno she’s calling someone major Mc. Phee not the first time since Ichiro independent CG another all right we’re at the end of us are already Nevada elixir dude it doesn’t matter you’re a minor yourself it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter minor miners miners like seven years old yeah I owe you one either there’s no girls or well a lot like I mean by out to do this mara no I have all the balls to do it where’s your balls right here sir I’m going behind it did you go for that one you know Nina go go go go you know moving intercept I excuse me my cousin laughs over an infant our subpoena commissar Penelope in depo copy linka okay I think you know who predict the vehicle oscillate over there somewhere friend’s car thank you so much for participating moved away from you what happened indeed but up at my picker planean that was supposed to be a picker plane he rolled on his ass I had the man to do this of the car stealing simulator oh man that’s messed up I know I know a feeling see if she likes me and I’m gonna pick them up right now do you know where I can find painkillers let’s my never mind I saw it already the more to be honored to be completely honest my friends are retarded 13 more at our teacher you can see em I’m doing the Alomar Alomar I’m gonna do it ..

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  1. Nagaglit sakin Dad ko, kapag nahuli raw nya akong nanunuod ng Razzie Binx ikakaskas raw nya mukha ko sa keyboard, pero buti nalang wala sya sa bahay kaya sasabihin ko lng na si Razzie Binx ay gaqawxdcfvgbhnjmlkb,bgfcjdxsztfvygbhnjcfkml,


    90% Razzie is Gay/Single/Walang Tite/Cancer Jokes
    5% Bobo ka mag lol comments
    4% Actual Helpful comments para sa Video
    Tas ako ung natitirang 1%

  3. Hi sa mga taong nang babash kay Razzie,Hindi naman sa Die Hard fan ako or sobrang fan ako ni Razzie,Pero wala kayong respect sa tao,Vlogger or Youtuber sya guys,So bakit binabash nyo? Diba? Entertainment nga eh from the word entertain guys hindi kabobohan yan or kashitan,A d just what he said dati,Hobby na nya gumawa ng vid or mag Vlog,So ano pake nyo of ilalagay nya sa vid nya ung reaction nya sa chair? Na hindi nya maayos ayos,And i think kayo ata mas bobo? Kasi tao yan guys trip trip nya lang ung kunwari di nya alam i-assemble ung chair,Nakaka tawa and nakakainis at the same time,Andaming “Cancer” sa lipunan a d andaming mababaw mag isip,Masyadong mema,Ano tingin nyo kay Razzie? Kahapon lang pinanganak? Para sa mga bashers dyan,Isip muna ha? Bago comment. Nakaka-awa kayo pinapakita nyo sa mga nanonood ng vids ni Razzie na masyado kayong mababaw mag-isip,Tsaka anong use ng utak? Kung hindi gagamitin? Sorry Bashers nakaka walang gana lang talaga comments nyo.
    And to Kuya Razzie
    Keep it up nakakatawa naman ung pagvvlog mo eh kahit hindi ganun kaganda content,Nakakaentertain naman,Goodluck!


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