What Are Some Good Places To Pick Up Meet New Girls In Mumbai?

Pick up is not a great word, so I will use meet new women in Mumbai.

I have been coaching and meeting lovely women in Mumbai for few years. And its great city.

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I will come to the idea of places in a second, before that I want to request you to first manage your expectations when learning to interact and meeting new women in Mumbai. Otherwise because of few women who are in bad mood or busy or whatever, you will feel dishearten.

Now coming to places, in my view coffee shops and bookstores are great place to meet new women.

Join Yoga classes but be respectful of yoga, because women can smell if you have come to pick them up.

Starbucks is a great place to meet women hands down.

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This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Pick Up Girls.

Skip The Bars & Clubs: 5 Unknown Places To Meet Girls


What’s up guys? Tripp Kramer here from trippadvice. com and next to me is Wade Alters. You may know him as RSD Brad. And we’re hanging out, we’re actually doing some videos for one of my memberships that I have Irresistible Academy and I was like you know what, we should do a video because he has gone out a lot. I think you said when we were talking earlier that you’ve done how many approaches? It’s 300 nights out for five years straight. Based on my taxes, so it’s actually not hyperbole. Ok.

And then yeah 10 to 30 approaches a night. So that’s 10,000 approaches yeah do the math I was like all right and there’s a lot of guys out there that don’t want to go to bars don’t go to clubs or just are sick of it so thinking what are some other places because guys approach so many girls what are some other places some unknown places to meet girls other than the bars and clubs and we actually have some great answers for you so wait to start us off with the first 1i think the best one is still go out at night we don’t meet him inside the club in the bar because what happens is super pumped up emotions are high and they want to get out there like huh where some stimulus and there you come along right I start talking to right so it’s like you don’t even need to go into bars just hang out outside the bars because people are all around there alright so let’s go to another one I’ll go next yoga you know that is amazing if you ever see a girl with a good body nine times out of ten she’s in do it after disasters into yoga so these girls are at yoga classes i highly suggest you start taking yoga through anyways right and by the way there’s some other stuff we talking about here don’t you do these to meet girls ok do it for your own benefit but also know that this is a great place to meet girls yoga class and so easy to start conversation before class or after class so that’s a good one right way to give us another one will go with book story so we used to do a lot of camps and we always have game night game and those stories were by far one of the best spots because they’re sitting there they’re killing you have thousands of books to talk about seeing a lot of conversation pieces it’s quiet and it’s actually people like you could read at home if they’re coming to a bookstore to read on some level there a bit of an invitation there so that’s a great place to meet women I think it’s also very romantic you know meeting go to bookstore that you’ve seen many movies before right so that’s going to be a good opener to just like take a book out probably something actually heard that somewhere you take out a book hand out of the idiots guide to dating and you very obviously like open up the book and you start reading it look right in front of her she was like what is this guy doing any kind of pulled on the book and you’re like you start looking at the book that you’re reading from intuit hi my name is shrimp nice to meet you ok here’s a good one volunteering now the disclaimer people because their first of all you are going to be very awesome and beautiful and high quality women volunteering out but I don’t want to be going there to meet girls i hope i’m hoping that you pick some kind of onshore that you actually like that you actually believe in what I do want to open up to the idea that you can meet more girls volunteering because a lot of girls do volunteer work and hopefully this pushes you to also do some good things so check that out you can really check out any kind of volunteer groups are happening in your city just google it and pretty easy to find you have comm unit dr. to go five is parks so this is another great spot I like with the outdoor situation is the candidate audience so if they’re sitting down things like that it’s easy for you also sit down and kind of centers your little bit compared to when you’re standing you’ve got like a garden roses are like is that you’re really create the bubble it’s a lot easier to create bowl when you see some girls just chillin on the graph somewhere like Central Park places in manhattan was great or like even the beach is kind of like a park situation here in Chicago got his role of girls playing volleyball stuff like that it’s just there’s a lot of great opportunities nice i love it so guys use those start many more girls you don’t want to the bars and clubs those are some awesome places and also i want to check out Wade channel wait what is the URL to that you know what I don’t think I know what the URL is just search for weight altars and you’ll find it right away i can come to put a link put in the description below we’re gonna head out ya got a lot of great information on personal development covers pretty much all aspects money how lifestyle that is all that good stuff so go check that out learn from him put in the description below and vision..

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  1. I’d like to answer my problem where can I meet women that is not online no Facebook no dating apps. That is not parks,bars,beaches,mall, book store in my area is at the mall… that my delmia long story short I cant go to none of them places

  2. Yoga class is not a good place Tripp. If you have high testosterone and you’re easily aroused. Are you kidding me? lol. That is one thing a man can’t hide very well. Especially if he is just wearing sweat pants or even worse, spandex like the ladies.

  3. Hey tripp. If you can make a video of how fapping (masterbation) effects a person social skills and desires to go out and meet women in a bad way, I think many guys should know this. Peace

  4. Bookstores and parks are great places if it’s welcome. Dog parks, volunteering. Again, you should be doing those things because you want to. I’ve seen many videos where men suggest meeting women at MeetUps or places where they work. I do not agree with this. I used to work in retail, and let me tell you, it is very awkward when men are hitting on you at work. Also, there are a few MeetUps I go to and I get hit on a lot. I really don’t like it, because I am there to focus on what I am doing for those MeetUps. It makes it very awkward as well. I would not date someone in the same MeetUp group that I was in.

  5. i would add fast food restaurants or normal restaurants because most of the time they are trained to give you the welcome to the restaurant etc.. and the good part is, is that THEY start the convo you just have to keep it going


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