What Are The Best Places To Pick Up Girls Aunties In Mumbai?

At the B. E. S. T Bus stops all over Mumbai.

The onli place where you can pick girls/aunties in Mumbai.

And one more thing before I forget, be the driver of a cab, so no one will refuse you ever to “pick” them up.

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This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Pick Up Girls.

How To Pickup Girls Foreign Girls

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hey guys it’s Justin and in today’s video I’m going to talk about picking up girls in a different language so it’s uh put some infield footage here we go excuse me you’re adorable I’m Justin repelling from us no I love you became English TV at empathy pretty much a little you’re Dave pensado speaking much parent I say Meredith photographer now now I’m a photographer yet I I do photography god yeah did you eat what where you from uh Canadians the other body right okay go I don’t know all right guys signifies I love you a Sunday three days how do you say your name again Genevieve Genevieve Genevieve we unit yes Jimmy very surely you’ll see security everything I got a translator app on my phone situations like this looks like Jimmy’s act like I’m the English to French I’m really bad at friendship my apologies I’m just really not good and I love you if it was the facts you are beautiful EDL you a model essays ruin Medel from you you are so cute is it to a at 12 midnight Genevieve military veteran Justin Justin I thought you didn’t actually speak French Joe Penna it is to make you happy Pelican today Oh No add me on Facebook I’m going to Savannah okay bye bye love you about in today’s video I want to talk about my secret trick come say hi what is the fuck not I’m talking about picking up girls and different language languages I kinda German Nazi Germany scream buddies for now night what’s our area I love you I’m sorry okay bye bye anyway so time to opinion growth in a different language and what I want to talk about is my trick like hip to figure brothers different languages besides traveling and meeting people in different cultures you can actually do this little trick very simple in a place in a moment now this has allowed me to actually meet tons of girls who speak a very little to no English date them on going and even call them home the same night it’s been really effective I can think of Japanese girls trimming girls Spanish goes like Telus women speak different languages I’ve been able to meet them while not speaking the language we’re very smaller than I can say hello and I love you that’s it I’m going to say hello and I love you in Swedish women French Spanish right that’s it a bunch of a bigger languages but how am I able to communicate with them sit down have a conversation and clear with them I use this spray inflator app so check this out Google Translate it’s now an app and you can actually use it offline you don’t need internet to use it and what you can actually do is sit down have a conversation with them so if you do meet a girl and you understand ocean speak English all you have to say is where are you from okay so you meet the girl no knowingly is no English okay where are you from she say Germany and I say ich ich liebe dich for outline and then I think I love you women here I bust up my Trevor rap haurache run sale pity okay so I bust out my translator app and I switch to English to French and then I am now able to have a conversation with her okay guys very simple trick and tip you can use in your local nightclub Club district and why is it so effective because you’re going to meet a lot of girls especially if in a bigger city who don’t speak your language and you can use this to actually build a more leads meet more cool women and who knows maybe your future girlfriend or wife will be from the other sides of blocking world and truly all that being said I want to remind you guys are amazing video program natural transformations is coming you guys August 25th very soon I believe we have just over 20 days to go so now I said I’m going to give you guys a free free video I cannot release on okay five tricks on how to pull a girl to the bedroom there’s some raunchy type content in it I cannot release some and I’m releasing on my own personal tricks and tips on how to actually pull grow the bedroom in a very gentlemanly classy way very respectful to the girl but also allows you to actually meet beautiful girls sleep with them and have a lot of fun to Duke’s on those I make connections what you got to do is go to the description or to this website right here easier just link in the description or the description click the link and all you got to do is put in your email and we will actually send you a copy of this video that we will not be released on okay that’s like I do anyway I decide that I hope you guys like this video make sure to subscribe and I will talk to you guys tomorrow peace awesome we gotta give me but how are you yes sir ..

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  1. अबे ये चूतिया धारावी की झुग्गी बस्ती से कब अमेरिका पहुच गया।
    लग तो ऐसा रहा है जैसे अभी ऑटो साइड में लगा कर सवारी का इंतज़ार कर रहा है

  2. What I see here happening in the comments section is the crab mentality some people don’t want to see any other person to be successfull

  3. I am six feet tall with fair complexion and can speak good english even after that white rich girls would kick me right on my testis.

  4. Special announcement at 7:25, don’t miss out for some special bonus content I CAN’T RELEASE PUBLICLY on YouTube. (Link for it is in the description)


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