Whats The Easiest Way To Pickup Girls In Turkey?

Picking up girls is the hardest thing to do as a Turkish guy in Turkey. There is a saying, if you can pick up girls easily in Turkey (as a Turkish guy), you can be a playboy anywhere in the world. It’s true. I was a virgin until 20, I went abroad and immediately found an awesome girlfriend within 12 months of stay, later had many one night stands and eventually another long term girlfriend. I came back to Turkey, zero to zero, continued f. cking my hand. It’s terrible. But if you are a Western looking, white, preferably blond guy, tall and well dressed with an obvious western face, you can easily pick up girls anywhere. Everywhere, and anytime. This applies for western looking blond white Turkish guys as well (mostly), but if you look Turkish, any middle eastern look would be counted as Turkish, even if you are not Turkish, then good luck my friend. Tinder might help. Picking up girls in clubs? No fucking way. That happens only in movies. If you trust your looks, try out Tinder or any similar app. If not, there is no such thing as an “easy way” to pick up girls in Turkey. Oh and money, if you can show off, that works too.

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Picking Up Girls In Istanbul Turkey

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hey wassup everybody I am Richard hood between traction the nine bosses supreme the ravenous Nike a dangerous day a month I’m here with George watch messy yeah it was Matthew strong and sassy a cure for loneliness look at this place this is a Thursday right it was just like this on Tuesday night Wednesday night and it stays like this until about one o’clock in the morning this is about 80% busier than central London is busier than London on a Friday really this is actually the busiest city will Main Street I’ve seen since Hong Kong Hong Kong is incredibly busy because they have the highest population in the world I wasn’t expecting it to be like this I just want to I need to drink thank you thank you thank you rink juice your hair is natural real hair nice it’s dense is busy it’s beautiful its eclectic its cosmopolitan it must be a pickpocket dream yeah so if you were a pickpocket this is the place to come what does this mean mean top it’ll tell me you speak Turkish Turkish the best thing about this city I can see is that this there are so many people you don’t need to get stuck on whoever you can get you can just be like you know what I’m not having that much fun end it go and approach somebody else this is a chicken breast this a chicken breast cake good does it taste like chicken yeah it’s strange but in a good way I imagine that they grind the chicken it doesn’t taste like an actual chicken breast I’ve met I’ve been thinking that they may be put into a blender they blend the chicken yeah very interesting texture very cute right that’s nice thank you I like the way you were walking nothing I think you had a very nice walk sometimes when you’re tired it can give you like a cooler look because then everything’s relaxed you’re not trying too hard you know my name is Richard by the way nice to meet you me yes you look quite elegant and lie sexy thank you I’m from London yes no no I’m working I’m working here in Istanbul I work in many cities I’m working here next week I will be in Athens my job involves lots of traveling I always have to travel teaching I teach people I teach body language conversation skills public speaking I help people to reduce their social anxiety I help people to get rid of their fears and insecurities you know my chestnuts roasting on an open fire here on Taksim Street if you need to get girls into your life hit the link below sumikko really quickly so really important I wanted to say hello because you look really nice especially with your your curly brown hair when I’m working this more like this right now I’m not in a serious mood a little bit I’m always serious I am always serious look very serious guy you shouldn’t be laughing you gotta be serious Jory’s laughing we can practice now if you want do you think I have to a little bit yes I think I can make you say hey I’m gonna give you a hug seven seconds of hugging every day is pretty good for you brother of tacky okay not sister male only has to be a man hey I thought countries should be female like boats yes I speak a few different languages English polish and body language okay you’re a gazelle I’m a lion it was very easy to stop this gazelle it’s easy you’re an easy catch look at this I didn’t even have to run fast or hard I just said hello and it stopped I want to come back to my place we absolutely love this place there is the famous saying you cannot judge a book by its cover I would definitely say that is applicable here I’m sure that many many people coming from outside would think that this might be very strict very religious very different the fact is is it’s extremely cosmopolitan is diverse your harm is so hot yeah is the whole of your body is because of me it’s getting hotter you have like morning and evening prayers that come on but most people will just carry on chatting or drinking the coke from them at Donald’s just a part of the culture but we really loved it it’s got so much to see it’s so huge so huge that we couldn’t see all of it in about a week and a half it’s the same how are we supposed to develop a relationship with such little English I was told by some people they are you might want to watch out over there might be strict they might have strict police they might be against the idea of saying speaking to girls or anyone on the street and it’s really just not the case everything so far has just been lovely even we went to some of the so called dangerous areas and we had no trouble there either we’d sit out late at night and eat food in those places I really love this place and I definitely want to come back and see it again and see more of it even in the most touristy areas like here and Istanbul has some great prices it’s less than a pound it’s amazing it’s incredible beautiful place to spend your money George by the way do you put my name joy’s that’s okay George my name that’s me that’s me you have a cold hand like me I know I know some people are like warm blooded and cold blooded but yes that is all you got cold hands it’s like the circulation yes cold cold so you understand it doesn’t matter we will just have to communicate with eyes and body language yes no language necessary not all of the girls speak English courtesy some English use me do you think a little bit of English zero I’m not selling anything are you miss out on the opportunity to meet me I wouldn’t say it’s enough of a drawback to not come because you’re visiting a foreign country but he just opened my eyes really to the fact that you can go to these places halfway on the other side of the planet or child not just talking about here and and people are people they want at people want to have fun they want to connect they want a date they want to find love they want to make love you drink wine a lot yeah that’s good all right natural is better yeah natural energy like this is better yeah I think and is better for memory memories with alcohol the memory goes down yes you know and I want us to have nice memories together yeah if you promise to be on your best behavior mm hmm we can we can create some good memories together okay I’m running out I’m running out of words okay we’ll just have to like dance instead no need for I am dancer your dancers Latin dancer really yes salsa bunch of icky Dumbo you have to teach me okay right what can you show me in terms of salsa but you do like cheek to cheek I like the dancing dancing is really good dancing you can practice like this yeah really here yeah yeah I’ll put it in my pocket I steal it I’m stealing you’ll burn just relax nothing serious nothing serious yeah it’s not so fun you know the kid seriously for me I’m always serious obviously I’m a serious guy yeah my phone but you have a salad okay one two three five six seven it’s good I like that you did the spin instead we should just stay here we’ll have to have a romantic encounter yeah yes yeah we’ll pretend that we’re a couple a couple okay yes okay yeah but we’ve known each other a long time thank you yeah your body is very healthy a very fertile fertile girl young young and healthy this in public low is this bad I don’t want to get you in trouble because I know this is tacky yeah this is this root Kentucky the girls here seem to take a lot of care of themselves they seem to exercise they say slim they stayed feminine which I’ve already said but it’s true one day before I leave yeah we could meet again and have maybe properly I’m okay I play guitar okay so maybe do you have whatsapp that’s all okay we do what’s that it’s on the cheek Amy mm hmm that one for luck well like for luck no no no no listen you have to keep your mouth closed like this like a fish like a fish okay that’s good no no wet no tongue okay anyway no so I send you a message okay we can meet you have whatsapp here Turkish number fun evening enjoy your dancing they’re very cuddly life hair will just stay like this is dead okay goodbye hug one with your friends okay bravo Bravo Bravo a CUDA check who let someone please do you guys even what it is they give it drinks man you wanna shots of whiskey already give you whiskey maybe two shots of whiskey lay me off your hands or the lighter these guys a joke I love it they’re smoking they’re drinking yeah it’s amazing that one o’clock in the morning there’s a barbershop open with rapidly disfiguring Richards face I don’t really want to leave tomorrow but that’s how it goes in it you’ve got to get on the boat and sail away excuse me I that she dragon head cause I need help yeah yeah yeah I have approach anxiety every time trying to meet women and I was following this girl for 20 minutes and I creeped her out because I was following her for 20 minutes and I didn’t say anything and I think and she started running away is that bad sign she got really creeped out yeah that’s true yeah every time I try to speak to girls my hands get really sweaty and my ball bags get its way and I don’t know what to say and I freeze up and my heart starts I get really like first heart palpitations yeah yeah yeah does that mean I’ve got does that mean I’ve got no game hey in all seriousness guys if you’re struggling with your dating life if you get approach anxiety when trying to meet women even if you are speaking to girls and the conversation just isn’t going well she’s friend zoning you you’ll able to sexualize the conversation they’re not able to physically escalate then it sounds like you need a boot camp if you feel like you want some coaching one to one boot camps or one wheat Residential’s then sign up the details are below this video check out the link anyway I hope you enjoy the rest of our Channel stay tuned in subscribe share comment please leave a comment we love to interact with you for the comment section anyway this is Richard hood for street traction in Istanbul Turkey signing out peace out till next time ..

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  1. Aptal babalarn el bebek gul bebek yetistirdigi 20 iq kzlar.Avrupallar ne guzel kz mz demeden yumrugu bir koyuyor ego falan kalmyor.Biz bu Turk fahiselere haddinden fazla deger verdik artk kz mz demeden kaldrp cope atma veya dovmenin zaman geldi.

  2. Yes we are muslim but we dont wear like the man at 08:03 they are not turkish, they are tourists. Or for example 08:24 they are not turkish too, they are our probably pakistani or indian brothers. or the man at 08:27 with the beard isn’t turkish too, arab refugee or tourist. Turkish men wears like the other guy with the blue sweat in same picture at 08:27. But arab man our brother too. And a lot of hijab woman in this video is arab tourist or refugee too but people think they are turkish too just because of turks are muslim. there is some turkish girls with hijab too but their styles generally different from each other. Anyway, I’m not racist, I don’t like racism too. We love Islam and we love to knowing with islam, we are muslim and arabs, pakistanis, indians are our brothers and we love them but people shouldn’t judge us by another races instead of us. We Turks are still here with our culture, why you don’t focus to just real turkish culture when you introduce it? Yes, of course you should introduce us with religion but you should use turkish people’s pictures instead of muslim tourists or immigrant’s pictures when you making a video about turkish people. Is that racism? I don’t think so, because I think muslim immigrants or tourists our brothers and we have no reason to making racism them.

  3. You picked up girls so easy.i am turkish buti cant pick up girls such that easy 🙁 i think you are foreigner and some girls are attracted from that.

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