Why Are Pick Up Artists So Successful In Getting Women To Sleep With Them?

The reason PUA’s get the girls, is that they are the only ones in the game: They are the only ones making the offer:

If a PUA walks up to a girl and says, “You’re a little tubby, but I’ll still do you” and you sit in the corner respectfully not making eye contact, guess who has the better shot with her?

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But, if you breeze over and say something like, “Excuse me but, I really like your shoes: Would you mind, I have a couple fashion questions, could I buy you a drink and we talk about it over at my table?” Now see, that’s a better offer: Try that and see if you don’t snake women right out from under the noses of these PUA POS’s.

PUA’s devalue women to the point where they can approach them without anxiety and say all manner of things, most of them offensive and/or ridiculous. But they do approach and they do say things — even the worst player wins against a forfeit.

The trouble is, “nice guys” don’t make the offer, they wait for women to come find them, instead of going out and getting them. I think “nice guys” think that to be direct is rude: But it’s not, it’s masculine, it’s sexy: I think I’ll say that again: Being direct is masculine.

So, man up: Get out there and tell her what you’re about: Tell her, respectfully, that she looks terrific in those pants: Tell her what you’d like, to take her out on a date and get to know her better:

Or maybe you do really just want to sleep with her: If that’s true, say that: Respectfully: “You’re beautiful, I want to see you naked.” It’s not a great offer, but it’s honest, it’s masculine, at least more masculine than sitting in the corner wishing you didn’t have to sleep alone every night.

As I like to say: It’s not a game if you don’t play at it: I’ll disagree with professor Feynman, be a gentleman: Just don’t be a gentle man: Women are people just like you, talk to them: Don’t rely on them to validate you. Know who you are and ask to get to know them: Give them a chance, offer them something worthwhile, they may surprise you.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Pick Up Girls.

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